The terrible attack - bugs in the apartment!

How important is for each person to have a comfortable home, knows all.But sometimes creating a comfortable home for the holiday becomes impossible because of the presence there of some unwanted tenants more - insects.Flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches and lice with a man - it can be disgusting?Perhaps only the bed bugs!

And although today few people have to deal with this "exotic" insects, no - no, but in some places there are bedbugs in the apartment.How to get rid of this scourge?Frankly, in our time, even ashamed to admit it familiar, so rare these "neighbors".

Most often the owners to find parasites in your home, urgently summoned employees of special firms that destroy household pests quickly and efficiently.Oh, they know how to get rid of household bugs!

However, not everyone can afford such a service there.And let strangers into your house of strangers, too, sometimes unsafe ... Especially if the owners have something to lose: there are among the employees of these services gunners that are as

sociated with gangsters and thieves.Maybe there are tips that tell you how to bring your own bed bugs?

task is quite feasible, but quite difficult.Firstly, because the bedbug, which gives people a huge inconvenience and trouble, has an excellent sense of smell, helping him to feel human scent at long distances.Secondly, having a flat body capable to deform, these parasites can penetrate into human habitation through the tiniest crevices in walls and between windows, and the holes with which there are air ducts, via conductors antenna pane and even doorways.Thirdly, it has the capacity for rapid movement, overcome the bugs can meter a minute distance!And, although they have lost skills of flight, thanks to the flat body, bedbugs are able to plan, quickly descending from the ceiling onto the bed.Fifth, these amazingly adapted to survive in the most extreme conditions exist, can long dwell time, even in areas where there are no people, feeding on the blood of mice and rats.If it is impossible to conduct a parasitic way of life, just bugs hibernate, saving his life.And most importantly their "survival tool" - an adaptation to most poisons, invented by humankind.

That's why it is so difficult to win in the fight for a clean area if a spot was chosen by bedbugs in the apartment.How to get rid of them, we try to teach those who are not fortunate enough highly.Firstly, it should be very carefully inspect the furniture and other items that the owner decides to purchase and add to your home.This is especially true if the household items are not new and are bought or taken from the hands of former owners.

Secondly, to make secure, we can at pasting wall wallpaper wallpaper paste mixed with insecticides, such as carbonates, making twenty grams a bucket of glue mass.Then we can hope that you will not take root bugs in the apartment.How to get rid of the insects that fall into the home after the repair, which, unfortunately, was made in the traditional way without poison?

good remedy adverse adversity are pencils alloy chlorophos paraffin, pyrethrum powder, dried herb wormwood.Scalded with boiling water is also recommended places where insects or prolonged strong cooling of the room.You can also use the funds acquired in retail outlets.

People that puts the environment above all else, you need to refer to the national methods of struggle, if they have settled bedbugs in the apartment.How to get rid of them with the least harmful to health, will teach the experience of our grandparents.

example, naphthalene (5 g) dissolved in kerosene (100 ml) with the addition of cresol (50 ml) helps in monthly treatment room.Also effective green soap solution (30 g) in water (100 ml) supplemented with turpentine (10 ml) and kerosene (15 ml).These funds are the least toxic to humans, which puts them above the purchased finished poisons.