Does boric acid cockroach?

Despite the fact that man is the most advanced on the planet, and has managed to curb the relentless nature and disposition of almost all its inhabitants, many animals and insects do not give him a quiet life.These include, for example, a variety of bacteria and all kinds of pests that cause not only hostile feelings in a person, but also bring a lot of harm.Examples include, for example, termites, which in a short period of time can destroy a very large structure of wood or disrupt the stability of the building from a different material, struts which are made of wood.However, this kind of insect vaguely familiar to our people, as it is not usual in this part of the planet.But with such pests, like cockroaches, are familiar, perhaps, everything.They are the permanent inhabitants of our apartments, even if we do not notice them.To combat these pests there is a huge variety of chemicals, but not all of them are valid.The fact that cockroaches have lived millions of years due to the monstrous ability to a

dapt to different poison.It therefore means that yesterday gave the results may not be effective against the new offspring.But do not despair, because there is a substance proven over the years, which, surprisingly, the cockroach can not adapt.Boric acid makes cockroaches stable.There are several ways to use it.

easiest and most dangerous way is to put the poison in all the places where pests are appearing more often.This method is very effective, but there is a risk of poisoning of small children or pets.Therefore, boric acid should be used on cockroaches wisely and without harm.The second way to get rid of pests is the preparation of special balls.Suffice it to mix the acid with an egg yolk and roll them into balls.After that, we just have to spread out the bait and wait for the pests do not actually prove that the boric acid makes cockroaches.The whole point is that the egg yolk drowns out the smell of boric acid, so it does not scare the pests.We can say that this method is the best.The main thing to watch, that these same balls did not touch children or pets, for small body only a small amount of the chemical to poison.You can also note that boric acid from ants helps, but its main use - just baiting roaches.

third method of using acid - the most extreme.You should wait for the biggest cockroach and immediately pour acid on it.It will be "a wolf in sheep's clothing" that would spread contagion among its neighbors.Boric acid - powder.Its application is very simple and is described on the package, which certainly is another advantage of this tool.We can only understand why boric acid cockroach saves?The fact that this substance is not simply etch these pests, but also causes an incredible itching around their body.It is because they just do not come back to the place where they have experienced a real horror.Due to the genetic memory of the generations, this information is not limited to those pests that have been in direct contact with the substance, but also on their offspring.But do not abuse the boric acid.The fact that this substance is very evaporates with time and leads to chronic poisoning.In small quantities it is dangerous for an adult, but its constant use will lead to disastrous consequences.