How to get rid of ants in the apartment, or all of the domestic ants

Internet forums literally explode from messages such as: "I can not.How to get rid of ants in the apartment ... "or" I bought an apartment, and there ants.What should I do?Nothing helps ... "or" Every fall, we face the problem of ants ... ".The topic has become more relevant than ever.

Ants - one of the most frequent guest in our home.But how to deal with ants in the apartment, many do not know yet.They "rejoice" in the same way as the appearance of cockroaches in a hurry as soon as possible get rid of them.Ways to eliminate daring raiders on leftover food is incredibly much.Even in the age of high technology, most people choose "popular" methods and only after specialized chemicals.Strangely, neither the one nor the other does not guarantee a perfect result.Why is that?To understand, it is worth remembering that we really know about ants.Well, a little, well, the strong (the insect is able to carry the load of 30 times their weight), saw a - wait for an army.Many on this knowledge and end.And for goo

d reason.In order to understand how to get rid of ants in the apartment, it is best to know how to say, enemy in the face and then the victory is assured.

In fact, ants, which we meet in everyday life - members of the species, which is proudly called "Pharaoh."Surprisingly, because the origin of these insects has nothing to do with the valleys of the great pyramids and sphinxes.Homeland these small creatures, in fact, India.One scientist was wrong (Linnaeus), and the whole world believed him.The name of the form and left.Through the era of seafaring, and this XVI century, these "amazing" creation spread around the world.In Russia and CIS countries ants firmly settled only after 1940 (!) Years.Many people believe that they have been with us, and if not always, it certainly appeared much earlier.And this is not surprising, because their incredibly much.Yes, really incredible ant family with many children.In normal family, there are 350 000 individuals and 1 000 000.

Fortunately or unfortunately, most pests are omnivorous.This greatly simplifies the fight against them.And yet, how to deal with ants in the apartment?We first consider the "traditional methods" of their pros and cons.

known that ants, or rather their protective surface layer is composed of chitin.Without it, life is impossible insect.What can you do with this chitin?Remembering school chemistry, and here it is saved.Usual boric acid, which can be freely purchased at any pharmacy.Fatal outcome pest guaranteed.Chitin is simply dissolved.But there is one big drawback.Just drip, anywhere is a miracle cure for ills can not be saved.To the question "how to get rid of ants in the apartment or house" will have to go seriously.To destroy the colony, and in another defeat will fail, leaving a lot of time, and in fact it's incredibly difficult.Ants, we meet, at most, a simple slaves.They work on the female.Home in the family it is.She "sends" the hordes of workers in the production of food and building materials for the nest.Kill female - you are the winner and permanently forget about these little pests and evil.

If you set the Internet the question "how to get rid of household ants" that quite often people recommend apply the method with a jar, water and honey.The recipe is not complicated.Take a quart, half-dial and diluted with water 2-3 tablespoons of sugar and honey.So uncomplicated way you guarantee yourself a free viewing of the mass suicide of insects.It is best to set the trap near the bin, because it is, or rather the remains of garbage, and is a favorite treat of insects.Install and hope that by killing most of the family they "collect things" and go on home inhospitable hosts.

chemicals business is a little different.Experts know how to get rid of ants once and for all.And on the issue of an incredibly popular question "how to get rid of ants in the apartment," the answer is quite simple.Buy a specialized tool, and you will be happy.The action of "chemistry" was founded on the principle of sabotage.One ant is infected and to return to the nest extends the funds to all the others.Simple, effective and inexpensive.In most cases, such a method of struggle and gives a long-awaited result.