How to destroy the cockroaches?This issue is of concern to all.Many people are faced with such a nuisance as the emergence of insects in the house.The most troublesome of these are the cockroaches.How to get rid of such a neighborhood?What are the methods to combat these insects are harmless and most effective?

Benefits and harms

Whatever disgust did not cause the cockroaches, they are there, and some use.They eat up the man crumbs and leftovers, thereby clearing houses.But few people will be grateful for that.

harm of these insects are much greater.Firstly, they are carriers of dangerous microbes.Second, few people will want to eat the food on which ran a cockroach.And finally - this neighborhood looks rather not aesthetically pleasing.


mainly cockroaches infest areas where sanitary conditions are not met for human habitation.Dirty dishes are not always passed on garbage rarely retractable housing - this is the main reason for the emergence of unpleasant neighbors.Then there is the pro

blem of many people, zaimevshih such trouble, like cockroaches - how to get rid of these insects once and for all.


There are two ways to combat these pests: using chemicals and folk remedies.

Today you can buy in stores a huge amount of chemicals that help to get rid of cockroaches.But most of them are ineffective and get rid of this neighborhood only temporary.Consider some of them:

1.Geli.To use this tool very convenient.They are sold in syringes ready for use.The result can be checked in a few days.

2.Lovushki.They look like small boxes with holes through which insects get inside where the capture toxic agent, and not only become infected themselves, but also infect their relatives.

3.Domiki.Is a house, inside which is the bait.Around the house is a sticky tape.Insects tend to lure the path of getting on tape and sticking to it.

4.Melki.These outlines all the places where insects baseboards, sinks, walls and so on.

5.Aerozoli.They need to spray places where cockroaches.But the use of this drug has some downsides.It's all the same poison, it is impossible to use them in homes where there are children or pets.They are quite serious harm to human health and pets.

If there is no possibility of chemical attack, and around the house cockroaches scurrying to get rid of them effectively and without harm to health?Get help from traditional recipes.The basis of - boric acid, which is the most effective way to combat parasites.It is harmless to humans and animals, and insects - the worst enemy.

Here are two recipes, how to eliminate cockroaches using boric acid:

1.Obsypat boric acid all corners, skirting, a bucket for waste and all the places where the insects are collected.

2.Smeshat boric acid with hard-boiled eggs, roll the balls that are expanded in the corners of the cluster.

Unlike chemicals, which are aimed at the destruction, boric acid has toxic effects.Infect insect, he may not die, but always try to leave this place.


Before proceeding to the destruction of cockroaches, you must:

- wash all the cabinets, shelves, corners in the kitchen sink, trash, while applying detergent, then wipe dry and to maintain cleanliness until completely get rid ofparasites;

- do not keep open food, it is better to remove it in the refrigerator or in tightly sealed plastic bags.

The contents of his house clean can get rid of the need to find an answer to the question: "Cockroaches, how to get rid of them forever?"The main thing - do not be lazy and do everything that follows.