Head lice and linen, as well as methods of dealing with them

Natelnye or wardrobes, clothes, linen, or lice - the insects is light gray, which are the largest human lice.By size, they are not very big.The female can reach 2,2-4,7 millimeters in length.The males of these insects have a shorter length - up to 3.7 millimeters.From head lice their underwear counterparts differ in that they have a long, thin mustache, and the edges of the segments of the abdomen have smoothed and have no deep cuttings.

their habitats is underwear rights, in particular its folds.Here they live, feed and reproduce.Females lay eggs and attach them to the threads of clothing with a special adhesive.They are quite fertile.In his not very long life of a louse can lay up to underwear three hundred eggs, which after a week become the new "residents of the colony."And this is fraught with their hosts not only discomfort, but also the possibility of contracting diseases such as trench fever, Volyn, return or typhus.

is generally believed that people are carriers of lice, leading not quite

hygienic way of life, such as the homeless.But among the population is quite successful these parasites also take root.Head lice and linen can not fly, jump or run.They can get to the new media only by direct contact.This can occur if you use things charged.These include towels, hats, bed linens, or even comb.It is possible in public places such as swimming pools, spas, saunas and the like.Enough to sleep in the bed, which until then remained lice-infected people, and pediculosis provided to you.Most of all it concerns children.They are more closely communicate with their peers in schools, kindergartens or nursery.And children are most likely to get hold of linen or head lice.

That man was infected with lice can be recognized by symptoms such as a severe itching.If head lice, it will be scratched back of the head and behind the ears.And if a man obsessed with underwear lice, the itch will be the place where the clothes close to the body very tightly.From the constant scratching may appear boils, abscesses and other unpleasant consequences.Patient lice lost appetite and sleep.

After these symptoms, it is clear that the person wound up head lice or linen.How to get rid of them - it is a question arises immediately.Normal washing or shampooing does not help here.For removing head lice is a radical way - is to shave his head bald.This will, of course, some discomfort, especially for the female population.But help solve the problem.There are also many other tools that allow you to get rid of lice, settled in the head.This popular and scientific means.Each pharmacy sells a variety of ointments, sprays or shampoos that are suitable for this purpose.For example, you can take hellebore water.This is a cheap and effective means.

And solve the problem of body lice by means of the usual laundry detergent is unlikely to succeed.In this case, all the clothes and linens require careful boiling and steaming.Then the clothes you need at least a week to dry in the sun room, which aired or just on the street.Before washing items to be sure you can handle some insecticides and allow it to soak for a few hours.Later after the clothing is dry, it can be a preventive measure carefully ironed iron.In particular, attention should be paid at the same folds and seams.

pediculosis But, like any other disease is easier to prevent than to cure.To linen lice infested necessary to observe personal hygiene.For this we must bathe regularly and as often as possible to change clothes.It is advisable to wash the laundry at high temperatures and good iron, especially seams.These parasites can live without food is not more than a week.So things that are infected, do not use at least two weeks.This period would be enough to completely get rid of lice.