Lice bedding: how to get rid of the scourge

Pediculosis - a parasitic disease of the skin and hair.A person may be present lice, which are divided into types of headaches, wardrobes and pubic.Therefore, there Hanging lice, pubic and head, as well as its mixed forms.Parasites consume food for human blood, and their eggs are glued to the hair (pubic and head), or lay in the folds of linen and clothes (lice bedding).

Head - are insects having a size of 2 to 4 mm, a light gray color.Their habitat area is the scalp, but may result in the eyelashes and eyebrows.

Pubic lice occupy the hairy part of the pubis, scrotum, upper thighs.In a very advanced stage can go back, armpits, chest, beard, eyelashes, eyebrows.Insects pritseplivayutsya close to the base of the hair, but on the site of the bite is formed grayish-blue spot with a diameter of 10 mm, and begins to itch.Infection occurs primarily during sexual intercourse may bath.

body lice (bedding) are similar to the head, but larger, their length is 3-5 mm.They live on the human body in the bed lin

en in the folds of clothing.While infecting the most affected areas where the skin comes into contact with the seams and folds.Bites of this type of parasite causes severe itching and rashes on the neck, in the lumbar region and armpits.Sometimes due to scratching appears pyococcus secondary infection, and the skin becomes dirty gray color.

It is believed that the disease is mostly found in unkempt poor people.But it is not.No one can protect yourself from parasites, because insects are very fertile, and they just get infected.

If there were lice (bedding), then get rid of them will help the following tips.

Since the parasites live in human clothing, then they crawl on the body only to profit.This type of lice most demanding and prefers to unsanitary conditions.They can not tolerate and slippery silk, their favorite places - it folds of cotton fabrics and clothing from this material.

normal washing does not get rid of the insects, it will have to try hard.As soon as the first signs of lice bedding attacked wardrobe, you must wash thoroughly using soap in hot water and to disinfect all clothing, bedding, and the lower, the room.You can use 20 percent soap-kerosene emulsion.Laundry treatment takes about two liters of solution for bedding - 4 liters.Soaking clothes in the emulsion must be within half an hour.

also affected all wardrobe items can be boiled or steamed, and then post all ventilated room (balcony) under the influence of sunlight and leave for a week.After drying, all the folds of things need to be ironed with a hot iron.

most effective way of destroying the adults and their eggs (nits) a decontamination treatment of bedding, linens and clothing in paroformalinovoy chamber.

is necessary to pay attention to the fact that lice bedding can not tolerate exposure to milkweed, ferns and tansy, so you can use for the prevention of spirits with a similar odor.

From folk remedies can be used cranberry juice that their acid dissolves the nit dissolved to 4.5% vinegar, a dust or tar soap, essential oils (lavender, tea tree).

Upon detection of parasites corrective measures should be applied immediately, as lice multiply rapidly.

To not have to treat head lice, first of all need to observe the rules of personal hygiene.It should be every week, at least two times to change clothes and underwear, periodically wash bed linen at high temperatures, and be sure to iron things.