Food moths in the kitchen - how to get rid?

Every housewife in the kitchen always has a supply of some grains that are stored on shelves, in packages or containers of food.And periodically all faced with such unpleasant problem as food moths.This small pakostnitsa can ruin the entire stock of products.And it is not that careless hostess - moth larvae, you can add and store in packages with cereals.Especially dangerous cereals, sold in bulk on the market.Moth larvae may not be visible to the eye, and by putting the infected moth sachet in the closet, after a while you can easily find that all its products are already infected larvae.

What to take measures in order to remove this attack from the kitchen?First you have to determine whether the problem has grown and check cereals.Especially loved by moths, as practice shows - oatmeal, flour, rice, and some herbs.Food moths are very tenacious, and bring it out of the kitchen is not easy, so we must act quickly.Initially, it is still desirable to adopt preventive measures: check all the cereals, brin

g home, pour them immediately into containers or cans with a tight cover.The edges of the cans can be lubricated with sunflower oil in order to prevent penetration into moths.If it's late and moths reigned in the kitchen - we must act without delay.

If the infection has spread to all of the products - they should immediately discard and disinfect the entire cabinet.Unopened reconsider carefully for the presence of larvae.Then wash everything with soap solution, rinse with clean water and dry all containers.Food moths can be found in the most secluded corners, so it is necessary to look at all the places.Then everything must be disinfected.You can use a solution of tea tree oil with alcohol (2: 1) + 1 glass of water or a vinegar rinse the shelves.Leave everything open as long as there is dry and the smell has not disappeared.

after the event you need to protect yourself in the future of this problem, so you are not tormented by the question "How to get rid of the food moth?".First of all, the purchase of cereals need to carefully review the packages for the presence of larvae.Do not buy cereals in bulk in questionable places.To purchase products from a trusted manufacturer, it will give at least a little, but still guarantee that the product quality.

bringing home bags with cereals, they immediately pour into jars, again while checking if not start them food moths.How to get rid of it, we know, but it is better not to take risks with their products, time and nerves.Every month carry out the audit in cabinets for the presence of larvae of moths.Check all products sanitize shelves.The problem is that the mole beautiful fruits in all seasons, neither cold nor heat do not scare her.It can even withstand fairly low temperature and warming to 60 degrees.

To understand what you have just started up food moths, it is necessary to pay attention not its appearance: gray butterfly and yellow worms - its larvae.Get rid of this scourge can help and special funds, the principle of which is based on attracting adult odor.Getting on a sticky surface, it becomes trapped.We still know that mole loves comfort - warmth and moisture and does not tolerate ventilation.Therefore, it is better not to create all conditions for breeding.

If the moles start, but not critical dimensions, you can try to get rid of her "grandmother" methods.Krupa is poured on a baking sheet in the oven and heated at a temperature not exceeding 70 degrees.Then it must go through and sift.You can even freeze cereals in the freezer or in the winter on the balcony.On the shelves of the cabinet to spread out the flowers of lavender - mole did not love her.You can also put to peel an orange or a lemon.