Getting rid of gnats in color

Mote in colors (so-called stsiaridy) mostly occur in winter when the plant does not need more frequent watering, such as in the summer months.Wet ground for midges is the ideal environment for breeding, so then from them is quite difficult to get rid of.Hence the question: how to get rid of lice in the colors is very important for growing indoor plants lovers.

midges themselves apart from the unpleasant inconvenience, colors do not bring harm, but their larvae, which females lay in moist ground, and begin to develop the biggest treat for yourself consider the roots of plants.Of course, if in flowers bred midges, it is ultimately a negative impact on their health.

To solve the problem of how to get rid of gnats in the colors, there are many known ways of dealing with them.Let us consider the most effective of them.The most a relatively safe manner and at the same time the most economical way to protect indoor plants is the use of sulfur.For the treatment of indoor flower pot when in flower bred gnat

s need only 4 matches.Need to deal with them is very simple: to stick heads down into the ground and then topsoil slightly moisten.

flowers can also be sprayed with soapy water or a weak solution of potassium permanganate.This will serve as a good fertilizer for plants in low doses.Important remember that this should be a sense of proportion.For a while the plant is necessary to limit watering, as the larvae of midges prefer to grow in a humid environment.The dry soil will not be the usual habitat for parasites.

is recommended to dry the soil to pour on top of a layer of calcined sand or ash, they will not allow the soil to gain moisture and drainage occurs when this effect will prevent the further development of the larvae of midges.These are the most common ways to get rid of lice in the colors.

If the larvae in the soil too much and get rid of them is not possible without in order not to harm the flower, the flower should be transplanted into another land.In order to achieve the best effect, it is possible by changing soil use special chemicals to combat lice.You can buy in a flower shop special preparations "Thunder 2", "Akhtar", "Bazudin."Especially floral lice do not like "Thunder-2."But it should be noted that these drugs are not intended for prevention of midges in the colors and recommended to combat the larvae in the soil.

When working with chemicals must pay attention to safety precautions.Be especially careful if you have small children or pets.Before you get rid of lice in the colors, you need to divide your plants in the infected and healthy, otherwise it is necessary to treat all plants, otherwise it will have no effect.

soil treatment chemicals is best done in a mask (respirator), gloves and glasses.The apartment then it is necessary to ventilate.Better yet, if it is possible to make the processing plant into the fresh air.

addition lice cause great harm to the indoor plants can cause aphid hothouse.These small insects are wingless and winged, and even though they move slowly, but they are difficult to get rid of because they are complex cycle of development.One wingless female gives one fertilization to 20 generations per year and the people of females within 7-10 days capable of reproduction, each producing about 150,000 larvae.

to combat aphids used potassium soap and green teas herbs.But we should remember that many of these herbs are toxic themselves and to work with them should be particularly careful.