Aphids on houseplants

Your favorite plant rolled upper leaves and drops appeared on pieces that resemble transparent honey - this is the first indication that aphids settled on a flower.Aphids on houseplants is visible to the naked eye, this insect, which reaches 0.5-0.7 mm in length and has a variety of colors from black to green and yellow-green.How to get rid of aphids?

Where does aphids on houseplants? different ways, you may bring into the house of the plant since the aphids, but most female-rasselitelnitsa flies through a window or balcony, settling on the plant and begins to actively put off the larvae.One female-rasselitelnitsa can produce up to 140-170 larvae.Aphids harms virtually all plants, not just palm it to taste.

Aphids loves to settle in the upper milky green shoots on the underside of leaves, buds and stalks of the plant.Sucking the juice from the flower, it leads to stunted growth, flowering, the appearance of whitish spots and leaf deformation.Another feature of aphids dangerous is that it is a carr

ier of viral diseases.And relaxing flower, making it vulnerable to all sorts of diseases.

Preventive measures are essential for healthy plant growth.It is important to constantly check and inspect the plant from late winter to early fall.If you ever saw the ants near the plant - beware!Ants protect and defend the colonies of aphids.This is due to the fact that they secrete sweet honeydew, ants as favorite.

timely airing, warm place, cleaning of dead leaves - a great way to prevent the appearance of such pests as aphids.

fight against aphids

If you carefully and diligently caring for his potted plant, you will immediately notice the appearance of the female-rasselitelnitsy on a flower.At this stage, with aphids, you can handle mechanically - you just need to crush the insect fingers.To do this, take a brush, sweeping insects on a piece of paper and crush.Or you can simply remove the damaged leaves and buds of aphids.

If you missed the appearance of aphids and your houseplant uvesheny bunches whole colony of insects, then there need decisive action.

aphids on houseplants removed by the following methods :

  • Put a pot of fragrant pelagorniey-damaged near the flower for a few days, and aphids away.
  • With heavy infestation of aphids plants take the onion peel, garlic and tomato leaves and make an infusion, which spray the plants once a week for 3 weeks.More than 3 times is not recommended.
  • tobacco or shag, excellent job with aphids.Take 40 grams.raw pour 1 liter of water and let stand for a couple of days.Then strain, add a liter of water and spray defended the plant received the infusion.
  • Take 0.5 cups of wood ash and pour 2 liters of water.Then add 10 grams.soap shabby on a grater.

Soap is a great way for prevention.Soap soap solution will remove up to half of the insects, if they wash the whole flower.Therefore, before any of the following methods is best, first wash the flower, and then later to spray.

Of course, it is better to prevent the spread of than to long and hard fight aphids.Remember that aphids on houseplants appear not only on the balcony and a window, but you yourself can bring it in the house on a bouquet of roses and carnations, as well as cuttings of new houseplants.Therefore, in order to prevent carefully inspect vegetation, brought into the house, and even better place for some time apart from the rest of the plants in quarantine.This is the best way to protect your favorite potted plants from pests of all kinds.