Spider mite on indoor plants

on your favorite potted flower appeared strange white spots, which gradually grow and merge into each other and then leaves just fall off?Or in the corners of the leaves appear white gossamer, which after a careful study of the brown dots moving?Your plant settled spider mite.How to get rid of spider mites, and what he is dangerous?

Spider mite on indoor plants is a great danger, because it is very difficult to withdraw, due to the fact that under adverse conditions, the female takes refuge in the ground and hibernates until more favorable times.And then it comes out of hibernation and begin to actively proliferate.

How does the spider mite

Spider mite - a barely perceptible to the naked eye insect brown or whitish, mostly living on the underside of leaves.Spider mites feed on cell sap, almost all plants by piercing their jaws.

spider mite colony reaches hundreds of insects.Ideal conditions for active reproduction of parasitic insects 27 C heat and low humidity.The adult female lives for 2 to

4 weeks, can lay up to 200 eggs, which mature in just 3 days.Eggs can be stored in the soil, in crevices on the windowsill, and the bark on the pot plants up to 5 years.Therefore, the fight against spider mites promises to be hot and have a protracted nature.

Signs of plant spider mites

first sign of mite are white dots, which grow on the entire sheet.As a result, the sheet dries up and falls off.If you do not start a fight, the spider mites on houseplants and plants multiply soon die.The second, but not essential feature is the emergence of thin webs, which entangles the first leaves, and then the whole plant.The appearance of webs on the upper shoots says the expanded and actively breeding colony of the pests.

Spider mite on indoor plants: wrestling

Remember that spider mites can not tolerate spraying with water, so plants must be constantly sprayed with water, and even better insecticide solution ("Intovir", "Karbofoks" and others.)and immediately cover the plastic bag infected plant.You can also use 'Temik' - granular preparation for soil treatment.It is advisable to alternate drugs to avoid addiction and the development of immunity in ticks.

should be regularly spraying all possible hiding places where there might be eggs, phosphoric and sulfuric drugs to correct pest control.

If you are afraid to use pesticides, use folk remedies to combat spider mites .

• Take 100 grams of garlic and rub, then fill the resulting slurry liter of water and leave to infuse for a week in a dark place.For spraying, the plants take the infusion of 10g per liter of water.

• Dandelion root, which can be easily purchased at a pharmacy, great help in the fight against insects.Take 30 g of crushed roots and pour a liter of water.After 3 hours, the infusion is ready for spraying.

• For plants, which is counter-spraying, use the following method: finely chop the garlic and put it on the ground in a pot.Then cover with a plastic bag of the plant for 2-3 hours.Instead of garlic can be used turpentine, poured into a small bowl.

As soon as you notice the first signs emerged that the spider mite on indoor plants infected should be immediately isolated from the rest because the tick is actively moved to other flowers.A favorite delicacy of the tick are: palm, Impatiens, Rose and many others.Be vigilant, because one plant to treat much more easily than the whole collection.