How to get rid of moles

Mole capable of causing considerable damage spoiled food, clothes and furniture.There are many different species of moth habitat and food preferences, but they harm on the same principle: butterflies lay their eggs in favorable conditions for the future offspring, and are then displayed caterpillars that actually harm their inordinate appetite.There are many ways to get rid of moles, but first need to prevent it from spreading in your apartment.

To do this, create the conditions of storage and products in which the butterfly moth has flown into the house, unable to find the necessary space to deposit the eggs.

get rid of moles in the kitchen to help special containers for storage of cereals, dried fruit, flour and other food products.They shall be made of food grade plastic or glass, and have a tightly-closing cover.If you can not store all the products in this dish, use knotted plastic bags.Additionally, you must keep lockers clean products, periodically flushing them from the inside with soapy wate

r and prosushivaya.The slots can be treated with food vinegar.If the appearance of the grain moth larvae in the products still could not be avoided, the products should be thrown out, or carefully sort out and dried in an oven, in case the tracks quite a bit.

get rid of moles at home to help observe the rules of storage.Fur, feathers, wool, natural velvets, felt and book covers are usually attacked wool moths.Butterflies of this species is very prolific and can breed all year round.Caterpillars are very hardy, they kept lowering the temperature to 0 degrees.Without food, they can survive for about a month, and in search of food gnaw polyethylene and synthetic fabrics.Living these tracks up to two years.

To protect your things from their appearance is necessary to observe the conditions of storage.Things that you often use, are unlikely to be a suitable place for the moth breeding.Caterpillars can not stand the sunlight and fresh air.But the clothes stored in the closet for a few months, often becomes the subject of corruption.First of all, before you remove the long-term storage it should be thoroughly cleaned, as dirt and sweat stains on things primarily eats away moth caterpillars.Besides clothing, it is desirable to shake well, then on moth eggs, if they were there most likely will not hold out on the surface.

Packaging clothes you need in a tight cellophane or multilayer paper impregnated with a special compound, mole repellent.In the closet where you store things can be put ready repellents.But their disadvantage is that often they are made of camphor and naphthalene, which only scare moles, but for a man can be very dangerous.Fortunately, all of the ways to get rid of moles, you can choose the ones that involve the use of safe vehicles.For example, such as lavender, fir, geranium leaves and pepper.The lavender and fir oil can moisten a cotton swab and put them in the closet.Bunch of lavender and geranium are also able to scare away moles.

But how to get rid of moles, if tracks have appeared on clothes?It is an effective agent is dichlorvos.He did not just deters moths moth other means, and kills larvae, as a poison for them.After using dichlorvos is necessary to ventilate the apartment.

Unlike wool moths, carpet beetle, whose larvae feed on natural leather, is not susceptible to any naphthalene nor lavender or camphor.He fears only those funds which include dichlorvos.

Follow all storage and products, and you will not have to look for ways to get rid of moths have already caused considerable harm.