Wardrobe: content and organization of interior space

most practical and ergonomic furniture nowadays considered wardrobe.Filling, good planning and practical structure of its interior space can be composed of many elements that will satisfy all the demands and wishes of the owner.

hard to imagine a full wardrobe, filling does not contain all kinds of holders for ties and trousers, drawers, platforms and light wire baskets.These elements have a competent design, which provides free access of air.It prevents the formation of odor.Drawer Units such structures are very strong, they have a robust roller bearings and can withstand loads of up to seventy kilograms.

Also popular closets, content which includes pull-out shelves or static.When buying such a model should be noted that the recommended distance between the upper and lower shelves should be at least forty centimeters.In addition, pull-out shelves equipped with furniture with a depth of not less than fifty centimeters, otherwise it would be inconvenient to use.However, be aware that the use of ex

cessive enclosure depth distant sites shelf will be difficult.Boxes may be made in whole or in part - to the middle.

Another interesting option - a modern wardrobe, the filling of which contains space for installation of various items of household appliances.Here you can set anything: washing machine, refrigerator, or arrange for the extension has a computer and other accessories.A storage iron or a vacuum cleaner in a closet are special attachment.

for storing clothes in closets-compartments are often used weights, sometimes they are replaced by a lift-lifts or pantographs - boom-type lifting devices.Price latter is much higher, but they are much more practical and easier to conventional hangers.

Buying wardrobe, filling it, you can design on their own.It all depends on the purposes for which and in which room you want to use this piece of furniture.The main thing is not to overdo it in the selection of additional elements, and the formation of internal space wardrobe.Practicality and ease of use of furniture in this case can be reduced, and many accessories just clutter "inner" cabinet.

If you decide to buy a wardrobe, content (photos can be seen below), and the organization of its internal space requires competent approach.And it depends on what room you will be installing this piece of furniture.For example, for a bedroom wardrobe does not have to be equipped with extra shelves for hats and shoes, but there is sufficient storage space for household trifles are required.

Thus, if properly identify and arrange the interior of the closet, its use will be for you a convenient and comfortable, and the furniture will delight you for a long time, as an integral part of the interior of your apartment.