Hob gas - reviews.

diversity and abundance of products on the present moment the market of household appliances, can not command respect.These modern trendy units are designed not only to significantly make life easier for housewives, but also to improve the interior kitchens, to ensure maximum functionality of the latter.In one article it is physically impossible to describe all the qualities and advantages of these devices, so let's focus is on one thing - the most important.And detailed talk about what a hob.Consider all of its strengths and weaknesses (if any), will discuss the types and capabilities hear customer feedback.We tell you about products from popular manufacturers, and simultaneously ask the price for it.

Thus, the heroine of our today's article - hob (gas).Reviews of her customers often only positive, although there are sometimes dissatisfied with their purchase of ladies and gentlemen.In fairness it should be noted that the presence of negative feedback for these products due to greater unwise and wron

g choices, rather than its low quality.Therefore, in order not to fall - albeit in small - series unmet purchase, let's talk about the selection criteria and meet today in selling the kinds of cooktops.

small digression

gas hob feedback about themselves, of course, is not as flattering as, say, new-fangled electric induction or even surface, equipped with halogen or a super high-speed burners and manufactured in compliance with the intricate technology.Cooking, so to speak, the old fashioned way, on an open fire, nevertheless involves a number of advantages that can not provide the electrical equipment.The first is the taste.Yet, whatever you say, and cooked on an open fire is much more aromatic food (it will tell you any true foodie).In addition, electric hotplates longer heats and cools.Thanks to the latter their quality, by the way, prematurely ended its existence is not a frying pan and saucepan.And the intensity of the heat directly on the surface of the gas can change instantly, than can not boast of its power and other "advanced" counterparts.

Therefore, if your kitchen is equipped with a gas pipeline, there is no need to envy those who cook on electricity.Our choice - gas hob, reviews of which we will always be only good, because we thoroughly before buying Armed with the knowledge of what is really there are kinds of surfaces.And therefore I will buy only what suits us most.

Types gas hobs

So, the old gas stove, let faithfully served for many years, after repairs and the purchase of new furniture sent on a holiday.Its place should take a new hob.But ... Do not be in a hurry.Our "old" was permanently with an oven, it can not be said about the new cooking appliance.Not every one has the oven.Gas hob without it relates to an independent type of surfaces.What does it mean?And the fact that from the oven, it does not depend: positioning and it can be connected anywhere, that can not but rejoice "happy" holders of kitchen space, commensurate with the size of a good wardrobe.The very same oven can be placed, respectively, as the most acceptable at any place and, importantly, at the desired height.

Dependent hob gas, the price of which, incidentally, is much higher than independent, already equipped with an oven.Located it the traditional way: on the table is the surface for cooking, but strictly under it, in a specially equipped kitchen cupboard - oven itself.Important!If you consider yourself a supporter of the classics, it is still better to string up the financial plan and immediately buy the second type of hob.Why is that?Because in this case, it is desirable to have a set of single source, since this embodiment presupposes control plates and oven panel and buttons located on the cooking surface.Therefore, the "top" and "bottom" plate must have the same technical characteristics.As for the independent devices, each of which has an autonomous management.Therefore, as evidenced by the numerous reviews of the owners of embedded gas stoves, hard enough to pick up under the already existing corresponding hob oven.In addition, the kit will be much cheaper than in the case when this vehicle fly randomly.


Earlier in our kitchens dominated by only two types of plates, the width fifty and sixty centimeters, today consumers have when choosing a place to roam.The minimum size that offers the manufacturer - the gas hob 45 centimeters wide, the maximum sometimes reached 90 centimeters.Equally impressive dimensions due to a large number of burners, which we discuss below.As for the selection criteria, in this case need to be based on the size of table tops (especially it is necessary to take into account the fact that all models have a standard depth - sixty centimeters), the availability of space on the work surface, and the number of family members.What, in fact, confirmed by feedback from customers.


Recessed cooktops differ in the number of burners.Standard their number - four, but there are surfaces, and equipped with two and five, and even six burners.What stay?Here again, we must proceed from the size of the kitchen space and, therefore, free space on the table, as well as your own preferences.For example, the small family would be enough, and two burners (this variant, incidentally, is very common today in the West).However, it says that the Germans well ... Yet how many Russian love to cook and eat well.So if you think that because of the small size of the family is quite able to manage a small number of burners, then you manufacturer produced special gas cooktop.3 burners - that's the best option.Small in size and very functional (after all, you will agree, not so often we use when we use in general, fourth burner), this plate is ideal for a small family, and also for those who rarely have a lot of cooking, but it happens.It was then, according to reviews of the owners of such boards, extra cooking zone will not be superfluous.

terms of standards (4 burners), everything is clear and familiar, but with respect to the five must say a few words separately.This is an option for large families and those who are interested in cooking and preparations of various pickles and jams.Usually at the plate all models present the most powerful burner.Recently, it started to make a two-level, providing more rapid cooking and promotes uniform heat distribution.The 5-burner stove burner, this is usually located in the middle (yet it is often called the wok burner).This arrangement enables the lovers of Asian cuisine to enjoy dishes prepared in full compliance with the recipe and a special wok pan.By the way, this is equipped with a gas burner hob feedback received just wonderful, because it is there that the food is really ready much faster, which contributes to maximum safety in processed foods nutrients.As for the boards with six burners, then our market are not in demand, and therefore dwell on them will not.

What about the selection criteria in terms of functionality, we told you, let alone how much will be your new heating elements gas hob - 3 burners, four or all six - depends on you.


Power plate, the number of burners - a very important factor.But not minimal - if not equivalent - the value has the type of material of the shell of the hob.It depends on her appearance, and care, and the complexity of cleaning.Every housewife knows how "nice" to scour greasy and yellow stains from white surfaces, or to clean up every minute resulting divorce from stainless steel.Therefore, the material of construction of the vending hob, you must pay close attention.

So, what today we can offer a manufacturer?

Classic version

It is well-known and familiar enameled surface.The most common colors are considered to be white and brown, but if you want you can find the whole palette of colors - from orange to blue.Colored panel looks very creative, and their cost compared to other types of the most democratic.

If you want to buy something classic, but, so to speak, a sort of twist, at your service - gas hob "Bosch", made in the technique, which is popularly referred to as "gas on glass".That, Bosch became the first to produce such panels.What is their feature?The fact that the enamel surface of the "diluted" inserts made of tempered glass.The latter can also be any shade, in accordance with the color of the housing.Very many housewives, by the way, both hands to vote for such panels on the grounds that they are extremely attractive appearance, ease of maintenance and reasonable cost.

Stainless Steel

more expensive option compared to enamel.Different aesthetics, excellent strength and hygienic characteristics.However, it calls for a thorough and careful care, since it is very visible scratches and stains.Perhaps this is why such a gas cooktop reviews have not always enthusiastic.


made of this material hob belongs to the category of the most expensive but also the most attractive.Such a plate - a real decoration of the interior.Especially when you consider the fact that they are not only available in different shades, but even with a pattern.If you wish, you can buy a stove with glass cover not only the classic white and black, and beige, brown, ivory, etc. Good reviews from the consumer receives a ceramic gas hob Bosch, Ariston, Siemens.However, it should be borne in mind that all manufacturers for producing such surfaces using virtually the same material, so hygienic and aesthetic quality of all be exactly the same.So if you really really want to have in your kitchen glass ceramic plate, but are strapped for cash, do not overpay for the brand.Take a less known brand.Another thing, if you really want to see the kitchen was, for example, is a gas hob Ariston, which is perfect for your needs.Then it is possible to purchase a particular brand, not just the glass ceramic surface.

And, since we are talking about manufacturers, say a few words separately about the most popular of them - the company "Bosch".

gas cooktop Bosch

By and large, the negative reviews about this hob are virtually absent.All owners unanimously state that embedded boards manufactured by "Bosch", are safe, extremely reliable, practical.A variety of types and configurations, the choice of material of the shell, the presence and function gazkontrolya elekrorozzhiga, comfortable handles and management - these and many other qualities indicate that the gas hob "Bosch" - a great choice and a great helper.Excellent quality plate guarantees it a long life in your kitchen, and she will be a real interior decoration.

Ask how has the disadvantage of such a gas hob?Price.That's the only thing that can hold from buy, because the cost of such plates varies between 400-800 dollars.So even though the lack of one, but quite significant.However, if you are still willing to pay for quality, on the choice of his will never regret.For those who are somewhat limited in the media, there is a great alternative - a gas hob Hotpoint Ariston, which ranks in the popularity rating second only to Bosch.Buy this plate can be for $ 300, and the specifications it has almost the same as the stove company "Bosch".Is that such a big-name brand is not.

This we could and finish our discussion of embedded kitchen appliances, except for one patient a question that is raised by many of its latter-day owners, "How to make the connection of the gas hob?ยป


request of the owner built the plate at least forsomething to save quite clear.But in this case it is not welcome - primarily for reasons of security.Household gas appliances should only be connected professionally trained people in order to prevent gas leakage and the resulting (pardon the pun) of the consequences of this fact.Do not pity yourself - think about neighbors and loved ones!It talks about the economy are simply inappropriate.In addition, there is a caveat.The fact that the hob is necessary not only to connect.Listen!She also called embedded!That is, it must be placed properly (at least to begin to saw table top), that will require good tools and skills.So the answer to this question may be one: "Trust the connection of the gas hob experts!" Forget for a while about the economy, just rejoice quality and long-awaited purchase.