Delicious cherry Kharitonovs: description of the variety

cherry - this is truly an elegant plant with gray-brown bark and slender trunk.Today there are more than 150 species of wood (sometimes shrub, depending on how you care).In Russia, the popularity gained only a few of its representatives, including cherry Kharitonovs.Description varieties will help ensure its uniqueness.


This variety of cherry has been obtained as a result of work on the crossing Zhukovsky diamonds.The author of the varieties considered OV Zhukov, who called them the variety bred in honor of his mother, who has been closely involved in this process.Originator is a Russian Research Institute of Genetics and Selection of fruit plants them.AND IN.Michurin.Year of birth is considered to be varieties of 1998, when it was introduced in the State Register.

variety cherry Kharitonovs: description of external features

tree is characterized by the average value, in terms of both the size of the whole, and the number of leaves.Crohn cherry Kharitonovs has a spherical shape.Sho

ots are generally straight, cinnamon brown.

very popular with gardeners cherry Kharitonovs.Variety description states that the berries on the tree are usually large.Typically, fruit sizes ranged from 16 to 18 mm.Mass of about 5 g of each berry.Fruit shape is round, uniform.Mostly dark red color of the skin.Subcutaneous small number of points.Cherry Kharitonovs (description and characteristics can be found in this article) has bright red juice and pulp of a very unusual color, orange, despite the dark color of the skin.It tastes sweet and sour fruits.Peduncle often mean value - as the thickness and length and sufficiently easily separated from the threads, but at the same time attached to the bone and firmly.Despite this, the bone can be quite easily removed.

main advantages and disadvantages

main advantage of varieties can be considered as the fruit of versatility, as well as a large number of high-quality fruit on the tree.Besides cherries Kharitonovs (description of the variety can study above) is resistant to diseases, especially to kokkomikozu, which is why every season you can count on a steady harvest.

addition, the variety is winter-hardy, so can be grown in many regions of Russia.

Despite all the advantages, there is one drawback.Cherry Kharitonovs (described above grade) has a sufficiently large bone, which is not always convenient.

Features Plant Care

Cherry Kharitonovs refers to partially samoplodnye species.The most optimal pollinators for it are the following varieties:

  • cherry Zhukovska;
  • Vladimir cherry.

variety is suitable for cultivation for personal use, and on farms.

For crops in the amount of 20-30 kg you will only 5-6 trees as one of the advantages is its cherry Kharitonovs stable yield.Trees are best planted in certain areas, which is what the gentle slopes, especially their middle or upper part.Better seedlings planted in early spring, before the bloom as kidney, where these plants should not exceed two years.This will help them better settle down in a new place.To improve the effect you want to use a certain composition mash earth, clay, water and a special growth substances.

Fruiting cherry Kharitonovs (description of the variety can be found in our article) starts in the fourth year of life.

Do not forget that this plant likes rich, loose and fairly light soils.In addition, the need to avoid drafts, as cherry refers to a heat-loving trees.

Watering should be abundant, on hot days, usually about twice a month.After flowering cherry desirable feed.It is best suited for this fertilizer.In autumn it is required to make organic.Still, the main procedure is pruning.It is of two kinds:

  • forming (held in the spring);
  • sanitary.

With proper care, you get a rich and quality crop that can be stored until the middle of August.