Eucalyptus Flowers: wonderful creation of nature

From childhood, people know that the eucalyptus - the huge tree in the world.However, there are varieties of its more than a dozen, and as impressive dimensions differ only regal.The rest are much more modest options, though they are still tiny you will not name.Some species are well represented in greenhouses and botanical gardens - the flowers of eucalyptus and all very attractive and unusual.For amateur garden plants it is not very suitable, since it is still rain and requires the maintenance of specific conditions.However, for some types of indoor plant cultivation is still suitable.And they can often be found in the apartments.The reason for the acquisition and cultivation of trees again, are eucalyptus flowers that will decorate a variety of home and garden.It is not always possible to achieve such beauty from the plant, but the chances are still there.

Charming bloom

What is the flower of the eucalyptus?While the bud matures, it is covered as a cap, fused into a single unit woody petals.Und

er this cover hides a kind of whisk long and thin stamens.Matured, flowers eucalyptus take off with the cap itself and the whole world is a lush mane of different colors - pink, yellow, white, flaming red.Actually, because of this unusual flowering tree got its name: the Greek "eu" means "beautiful" and "Kalyptos" - "closed", "closed".


homeland of all varieties of eucalyptus - either Australia or Tasmania.All the plants are similar: a pyramidal shape of the crown, leaves a greenish-gray, creating the impression of a slight touch.Interestingly, the leaves as they mature and change color, and shape.Flower eucalyptus ottsvetaya forms a box with seeds.

Among the species that can be grown at home, it is worth mentioning three varieties:

  1. Eucalyptus Gunn (another transcription Gunni, the scientific name Eucalyptus gunnii).
  2. lemon eucalyptus (in botany Eucalyptus citriodora).
  3. Spherical (ball, sharopodobny) eucalyptus, he is Eucalyptus globulus.

cultivation principles are about the same, although the external differences they observed.

Eucalyptus gunnii

This species is a native of Tasmania.In the wild, it grows up to thirty meters, at home - no more than one and a half meters.The young tree has a heart-shaped rounded glaucous leaves up to four centimeters in length;an adult - lantsetopodobnye, narrow, up to seven centimeters thick and green.Speaking of eucalyptus flower (photo above), it should be noted that the spike in his flat, and flower bud clavate.The fruit is similar in the box, and on the bell.

Eucalyptus citriodora

His birthplace is Australia.There's a tree can grow up to 20 meters, indoor cultivation is usually higher than a meter and a quarter, however.Leaves him longer, up to 15 centimeters, and narrow, with a distinct lemon flavor.

Eucalyptus globulus

At home is a tall, heavily branched tree.In conditions of growing room - relatively low shrub that should be regularly pinch and cut.The young leaves lanceolate, wide, with beautiful wavy edge.An adult tree are bent sickle, stretched and beginning to resemble the leaves of willow.The bark of eucalyptus globular rejuvenated each year, flaking patches, which are formed under the new cover.The fruits that give the flowers of this species of eucalyptus have sharopodobnuyu form and for a long time - up to two years - mature.

Light and Temperature

Special tropical conditions, none of the species of eucalyptus requires.In summer, it is enough to 24 degrees during the day and 18 degrees at night.In winter - about 15. It is legal to move the pots in the glassed-in balcony.As for light, the plant loves direct rays.The western and south-eastern windows fit him perfectly.

Watering and fertilizing

from spring to autumn provide enough water.The frequency of watering - as the top layer of soil is dry to a depth of one-third of the pot.Winter watering is more rare: after drying said volume is still waiting polnedeli.The moisture eucalyptus trees do not need, do not require spraying.

During vegetation of eucalyptus every two weeks fed complex fertilizer universal.The rest period (starting in September) stop fertilizing.

Features of growth

It's worth noting that all the eucalyptus - the fast-growing plants.While indoors development have slowed down somewhat, the rate remains impressive.However, at first tree has only a very thin, brittle twig.To get stronger and she could not break under its own weight, when the growth in the third of a meter cuttings tie to the support and pinch to limit growth and stimulate branching.

The rest of the tree does not cause too much trouble.And if you manage to get on the handle wonderful flower grown eucalyptus, your home garden will sparkle with remarkable colors.