March ... At this time, most gardeners have acquired the necessary seeds.The annual question: "What kind of seeds to plant in March? What injuries are not afraid of light frost?".So many cultures can be compressed in the early spring, but in order to force gardener were not in vain, it requires some knowledge.So, what to plant in March?We will understand!

Early spring

What to plant in March?Month is characterized by a longer duration of the day, allowing you to not use artificial lighting.Shoots of seedlings will have enough natural sunlight.What the seedlings are planted in March?Cultures are not afraid of frost!

What to plant in March?

Despite the fact that the ground had not yet good warm up, you can plant a variety of vegetables.What the seedlings are planted in March?

And flowers?Most flowering plants, which have a long growing season, planted in March.Their magnificent flowering would like to start as soon as possible to enjoy.What kind of flowers to plant in March?


He planted when the soil temperature reaches 2-3 degrees.Seeds of radish can withstand freezing down to minus 3 degrees, and adult plants tolerate temperatures down to minus 5 degrees.


What to plant in March?Carrot!Carrot seeds germinate occurs in 3-4 degrees of heat, whereas the most suitable temperature is 18-20 degrees.This makes it possible to put carrots in March.

for the development of carrot seeds need loose and fertile soil.This vegetable is a cold-resistant plant.It is perfectly develops in cool weather.This means that the early harvest is possible in May.Of course, this is a young carrots, sells bundles on the market that is very fond of children.


This plant is able to tolerate frosts to minus 4 degrees.Germinate seeds it takes place at 1-2 degrees Celsius.

Parsley seeds of this plant germinate at 1-5 heat.After 12-15 days the seedlings appear cool weather is not terrible parsley.Even if the snow falls, the plant will remain green.

onion Seeds of onion quietly tolerate light frosts.Seeds germinate at a temperature of 2-4 degrees Celsius.In cool weather, the root system of this plant is going even better than in the warm period.


This is a very undemanding plant.Its seeds germinate slowly.Pasternak - cold-resistant plant.Heat and drought are not afraid of him, too.Also a plus is that it is not particularly picky about soil.

Now let's talk about flowers.


This plant is growing in popularity.In addition to the dazzling beauty, it has a number of medicinal properties.So it's probably a medicinal plant than ornamental.

Echinacea - very unpretentious flower, daisy-like appearance.Blooms from mid-July it until mid-September.

Echinacea prefers sunny areas.The seeds germinate relatively long - about 1.5 months.Therefore, it is better for seedlings planted no later than the first half of March.Germinate seeds occurs at 13 degrees Tepa.


This flower has captivated many gardeners to their striking appearance.Besides the beauty he has another positive quality - unpretentiousness.Also, it should be noted its diversity - all in nature, there are 250 species of verbena.

seeds for seedlings marigolds planted until March 20.On the shoots appear 15-20 days.The second half of May - the most favorable time for planting seedlings to a permanent place.


This flower is particularly valued by gardeners for the fact that during the flowering period every day he becomes more and more beautiful.The refined appearance is striking: Cleomenes resembles a flock of tiny exotic birds - hummingbirds.

flowering period Kleomenes lasts from early May to the very cold weather.Sow it should be up to the beginning of April, and in the second half of May it should be transplanted to a permanent place.


popular name of this plant is simply not considered - sinelki, bells, Chebotkov.But the only true name - bells.In nature, there are about 300 kinds of bells, different in height and its appearance.

flower shoots appear within a week days after sowing.


The people of snapdragons have long been well established called "dog."The main advantages of this plant is a hardy, a variety of color, simplicity and abundant flowering from early June to mid-October.

After 15-18 days after planting the seedlings appear.The favorable temperature for them - 20-22 degrees of heat.

Sweet tobacco

This plant is fascinating for its magnificent flavor, intensifying in the evening.Sweet tobacco every year is gaining popularity among gardeners.For early flowering scented tobacco is necessary to sow in early March.Seeds germinate at a temperature of 20-22 degrees Celsius.Once the shoots appear, it was lowered to 16-18 degrees.