Grapes "sultanas 342" - its features and Kharkteristika

Among the variety of fruit a valuable nutritionally considered grapes.Its many varieties.Consider the most popular kind and sweet seedless - raisins.

Features grapes 'sultanas 342 "

grapes' sultanas 342" is considered one of the earliest varieties.This is a hybrid that matures in 120 days.Bushes grapes grow strongly, therefore, require a specially designated areas on which the stems will climb.Such grapes ideal for baby food, since it has no seed.This variety is intended for fresh consumption and for making raisins.Grapes "sultanas 342" can easily tolerate temperatures down to -26 degrees.He is considered one of the most abundant species.With one escape can gather bunches of 1-2, which is dotted with whole berries.The average branch sultanas up in weight to 500 grams.Grapes perfectly absorbs sugar, and one ripe berry it contains about 21%.Acidity may reach 8 grams per liter.This variety is almost sick of fungal diseases.With proper care and transplanting cuttings can get a good harvest.

Planting grapes' sultanas 342 "

So, if chosen for planting on the site grape" raisins 342 "must take into account the climatic conditions of your area.Following all the rules of planting this plant, you can get a sweet and juicy fruit.Consider some of the tips in more detail:

  1. Soil Preparation.Before planting added to her turf, compost and humus.Also for this grape variety must be added to the land of sand in equal proportions.
  2. landing cuttings should be done from late May to early September.If the cuttings have been rooted, then you need to plant them in late April to mid-May.
  3. Site selection for planting. better, if it is sunny east or west side.Grapes can be planted along the wall of a house, fence or any other structure.Seedlings are planted at a distance of 80 cm from the wall or fence.

Care grapes 'sultanas 342 "

grapes' sultanas 342" will be well to bear fruit, if he receive timely watering, feeding and fertilization.It is necessary to consider a special schedule of care that culture by month:

  1. May .Beginning of the summer season should be accompanied by pruning excess shoots grapes.During this month it is necessary to remove all superfluous and unnecessary to the grapes did not waste their strength in vain.Also at this time are beginning to tie grown sprouts.You can make the first feeding "sultanas 342".
  2. June .This month, you can plant the young shoots.Begin to pinch grape buds for better and faster in the future pollination.June facilitates the processing of all the bushes by means of insects that feed on them.During this time the grapes are growing more and requires constant garter.
  3. July .At this time, start the processing of grapes from fungal infections.You can feed the grapes, which was planted after all.This month formed a lot of laterals, which should cut the time.
  4. July .Begin at this time processing the grapes from fungal infections.You can feed the grapes, which was planted after all.This month formed a lot of laterals, which should cut the time.
  5. August .This month comes the final stage - the maturation of the grapes.And leaves in August has to be right."Sultana 342" also does not cease to be tied up and cut stepchildren.Be sure vines are fed with chemical fertilizers.In the second half of August, stop watering completely.At the end of this period, we can expect the first fruits of this sort, as the grapes' sultanas 342 ".


If you have decided on the site to put something tasty and sweet, it is better to choose the grapes' sultanas 342 ".Description varieties will help you choose the perfect place for him and get great results.In the future, grow grapes, you can get a nice hedge which gives large and beautiful clusters of berries.