Dresses garbage bags with their hands: instructions, photos

designers all over the world every day surprise us with their inventions.In the course are a variety of materials.This classic fabric often used in the last turn.Many have been able to see in the photo the clothes from raw meat or packages of potato chips.And the latest fashion trends is a clothes from garbage bags.Today, I feel like a real designer can each of the fair sex.The original dress cellophane can be done at home.

Where to wear a dress from the garbage bag

This outfit, of course, is hardly everyday.And the more practical it is different.Cellophane, which will be made from the clothes can not be called a hygienic and environmentally friendly.However, each woman can make a dress out of garbage bags for the fashion show.Rather, it is an option for entertainment.If the clothes do not like to operate more than a few hours, the harm it definitely will bring.

Christmas Carnival - this is another reason for the original dress.With garbage bags you can create a stunning dress that is sure to imp

ress others.And if you show a little imagination, it is generally difficult to guess what clothing is made of such a juicy material.In addition, the dresses from garbage bags do not require special skills and big financial expenses when they are created.

What will it take to work?

To make a beautiful dress in the first place is to be patient.After all, a masterpiece does not always work the first time.It is advisable that products are made by one person.After all, everyone has their own ideas, ideas that are difficult to implement at the same time.

If we make dresses from garbage bags without the use of other supplies, sewing supplies and some may not be necessary.Individual components will be connected with glue or double-sided tape.To help also comes ordinary wooden clothes pin.It must be used for pre-bonding individual elements.And, of course, can not do without scissors.With their help, we will cut out details of dresses.

To create a complicated model with darts and assemblies should have special sewing skills.There is not enough without a needle and thread.But to sew on a sewing machine parts in any case impossible.Cellophane is a delicate material.In the process, it can simply break.

minimalist style

Excellent miniature dress will look out of garbage bags.Photo of girl in a dress definitely impress others.For the manufacture of the model can be used only one packet.Particular attention should be paid to the strength of the source material.Ideal sturdy garbage bag with a capacity of more than one hundred liters.

main tool for making the dress will be a pair of scissors.It is necessary to make three holes - for the head and hands.That's dress and ready.Garnish with the product can be a belt of contrasting cellophane or colors, made from garbage bags, too.In this outfit will spend a minimum of time and effort.

main focus - in contrast

Really bright model can be made of garbage bags differing in color, texture and shape.Today in supermarkets there is a huge amount of garbage bags.The choice is varied, the better you can express their imagination.The method consists in layering a variety of packages to each other.So you can get a magnificent dress rustling.In addition, this outfit will have the original color.After all, the individual elements may differ substantially from each other.

Made dress is simple enough.As the basis of need gum.It will tie pre-prepared strips cut from garbage bags.Top dress can be made on the same principle as in the previous model.That is, in a dense package slotted openings for the head and hands.You can also make a corsage.But this option is performed directly on the model before exiting.Details are held together with the double-sided adhesive tape.

Air dress

Another interesting option of manufacturing dresses from garbage bags is filling feedstock air.To implement such an idea need basis.This may be an old dress or knitted T-shirt.Garbage bags pre-filled with air and tied to the site.Receives "balloons."It is best suited for small volume packs.Further elements are alternately attached to the bottom of a prepared foundation.

to create original dresses need a lot of time.Each "ball" should be tightly secured.You can use a small thin needle.It is necessary to ensure that it does not pricked package, otherwise all the work of inflating go awry.Attire of inflated garbage bags is the least practical.It can only stand.Sit in a dress will not be possible.

hook to help

Cellophane is widely used not only in the clothing business, but also in the knitting.With conventional hook can make really original dress from garbage bags.Photos of the product will attract many.After all, the picture would be difficult to identify the source material.From the impression that the outfit is made of a conventional yarn.

To associate dresses from garbage bags, you will need a number 2 hook and a huge amount of garbage bags.It's wise to stock up on raw material.If it is not enough, it will be difficult to choose the right color variant.

Very quickly fit dress garbage bags.Instruction is vyvyazyvanii columns in a circle.It is important to advance the right to take your measurements.After the cellophane can not be called an elastic material.

Look beautiful dresses from garbage bags, which are made at the top of the hook and the bottom - from the pre-prepared "balloons."Additionally, the product can be decorated with lace, beads or fabric flowers.