Crafts of cones and acorns.

Natural materials - shells and stones, dried flowers and leaves, cones, chestnuts and acorns - grace handy tools for the manufacture of original crafts.Especially like their children tinkering.These classes are very useful boys and girls of all ages - from seniors groups to teenage Sadovsky, and beyond.Because of the simple fun, they can develop into a conscious hobby, hobbies, and the child will become a great master!Moreover, if in needlework will be attended by senior - parents, grandparents - that you will have total family affair, all interesting!

Select idea - Frame for a portrait

Here let us think, by what it can be - crafts from cones and acorns.Let us try, for example, improve the frame for a family photo.First, do the very foundation.The material for her can serve as wood, cardboard, plexiglass, etc.To then get crafts from cones and acorns, you need to stock up on these gifts of forests and parks.To work suit small mature pine or spruce cones, which are already split birds, iewithout seeds

.And dried acorns with integral caps.And as the glue of the "Moment".The main thing - to do everything gently wipe any excess glue with a clean cloth and try to hack turned out beautiful and original.

frame for a portrait: the implementation

In the frame with a simple pencil and ruler draw a line, which will stick application.We remove the acorn cap.In cones cut base with multiple scales.Now carefully apply glue to the workpiece and attach to the base frame.As you can see, a little imagination - and even useful and original crafts from cones and acorns ready!

However, the work may be encountered some difficulties.For example, acorn caps do not always want to keep in place and fall off.What to do in this case?Try this: Cut out the pieces of foam of the same diameter as the hole in the caps.Inside the coat them with glue and insert foam.Again attach in place.Now just do not disappear, and frame-crafts from cones and acorns, where it is time to insert your favorite family photo, can take the place of honor on a bookshelf or desk!

Owl family in your home

If you know how to think creatively and look at ordinary things and objects under unusual angle - you will love the idea to settle at the bedside table or on a windowsill in the hallway pretty family of owls.No, not true, of course!Let it be just crafts made of pine cones, but cute, bright, cheerful!

starting materials: cones themselves - large, preferably rounded, well opened;thick cloth, for example, felt or cloth for a coat or something like that - small patches of yellow, orange and brown colors;colored paper, glue, scissors, eraser and a pencil.

Owl family

own hands to do something - a pleasure!Where to start tinkering crafts made of pine cone?Look carefully chosen samples of natural materials and select the most tselenkie and "puzatenky."Clean them, wash, dry.Yellow felt, cut a figure in the form of eight - it will muzzle owl.From the paper - two black circles, which are "eight" should stick as the eyes.A piece of orange felt in the form of a triangle becomes a beak.

remains using the "moment" attach "muzzle" to the cone, not only to the very top.On her stick-cap ears, cut out a square of brown felt.One corner of the square stick on the forehead of an owl, the second - behind the bump.From the same material fashioned brown wings and legs and attach them to the appropriate place on the cone.Received an owl can be glued to a small twig.And begin to build new!And if we add to their birds fir Christmas tree ornaments from the rain of confetti and then come out excellent Christmas crafts!

Christmas balls and not just

theme of the New Year for the various handicraft generally fertile.And different Christmas toys of the same, you can make a lot of cones.Start the New Year crafts like this: some old, kind of lost balls or bells break and grind to a powder ordinary glass bottle.A brush smeared PVA glue on the ends of the scales of cones and then another brush sprinkle with sparkling dust.However, the beautiful?

How else do interesting crafts from cones?Note the following: Take the rain Christmas in different colors (lush, thick, but not for single filament) and stick it in tiers on the bumps.Bright, colorful, magical, is not it?Tie strings to the crown and puts on a Christmas tree.Wonderful toy, by the way, and you can decorate the room, the hallway, even on exterior doors hang.In the manner of the Europeans who hang Christmas wreaths on the doors of fir, bells, garlands.And so it creates a happy mood!

Funny spiders

Continuing to consider what crafts from natural materials (cones) can make the parents with their children, we offer to stay at the funny spider.To make them take the tubes with glowing colors of different colors - fluorescent.

Paint flakes from cones - a spider make blue, the other in orange, the third green - whichever you like.From paper-cut circles and paint - will be the eyes.Turn the cones with their points down and stick the eye is slightly lower base.Because of the Christmas rain, strung on a thin wire, make a foot.They can be mounted directly on the cones themselves, wrapped around the "trunk", which are growing scales.To the top of glue or tie the thread, do loops.

Such toy spiders are remarkable in that day they lit one or more shades, but at night, giving the stored energy, the characters shine like fiction.If the house will be such articles made of cones, the new year will be a fairy tale!You can use them as decorations in your child's room, or just in a residential area.After attaching, for example, window curtains or hanging on the eaves with curtains or even pinning on the wall.Rest assured that your idea necessarily pereymut most creative friends, appreciating her dignity!

Wonderful bouquets

Crafts of cones, acorns, chestnuts in the best way decorate your foyer, living room, dining room or kitchen.Take the high ceramic vase or pitcher and long stretches of flexible but sturdy wire and large acorns.Shoot their caps.And glue them to the very holes up acorns.That's how you make flowers.On the wire (the upper end of it should be sharp) onto different size chestnuts, alternating with colored paper cut out of green leaves.Attach the flowers last from acorns.Or half-cut cones disclosed.You may want to paint them.Or save Natures color.The special charm of the composition give twigs with berries of mountain ash and viburnum and a herbarium of dried autumn leaves and herbs.

Cacti from cones

Do you want to separate yourself from a garden on the windowsill of the cactus?Well, almost ... cacti make it much easier than you think!Buy small flower pots.And gather more big bumps.Paint them gouache or luminous paint and paste in vazonchiki tops down.Or do not paint, but sprinkle with glitter.

But pots Wrap colored foil.Suitable and bright wrapping paper.Arrange your flower garden on the windowsill - you see how comfortable was in the room?If your work accounted for autumn-winter period, will be superfluous and Christmas balls.They naturally complement the decor, creating a festive atmosphere in the house in anticipation of the holiday.It turns out that all just: a little fantasy, imagination and skill - and you have created a miracle with their own hands, ordinary miracle!