Patterns for vyshivanok children, male and female.

People in whatever historical era they lived, has always been a characteristic of the desire for beauty and harmony.Is it because our ancestors took care of external cleanliness, tried to make a home cozy and clothes to decorate your various embroidery?


Embroidery - sufficient ancient craft.Art is inherent in almost all the peoples of our planet.North American Indians and Chukchi reindeer herders, African tribes and the ancient Celts, Slavs, and Australian aborigines - all the large and small nationalities applied to their clothing variety of designs: one colored thread who beads or small shells, one semi-precious stones and so on. D.

pattern for vyshivanok - Ukrainian shirts and blouses, among other things, perform another important function.Drawing on fabric transmits essential information about the person wearing the thing on its way, the social situation.

color value

colors that run patterns for Embroidery is also symbolic.Previously, some colors and shades can be used only

for men's clothing, the other - for the female or child.Moreover, the young people were to decorate a shirt or belt patterns of flowers, which were not used in the clothing of mature or elderly men.In general, the pattern for vyshivanok hide a lot of very interesting secrets of having a secret sacred meaning.They have always been the result of a complex and very hard work.Unfortunately, over the past two centuries, the ritual of drawing on fabric no longer relevant.Now patterns for the embroidered shirts, as well as own shirts, are increasingly seen as an attribute of the national costume.

Aryan symbols

Depending on the region you live in the local culture and customs, ancestral traditions same people invested in the same patterns his special understanding.And the current masters, trying to revive the ancient art, take this into account in their work.Because patterns for Ukrainian embroidered shirts, if they are made according to the rules, are not just bright, memorable element, but also an effective talisman.Take, for example, diamonds and crosses.They form a strong energy security, especially if the patterns for the Ukrainian embroidered shirts are on the chest, on the collar, where the material comes into contact with the skin, and wrists.Very well, if these places are svarga or braces.Svarga are old Aryan sources, and embody the power of the spirit, the will to win.Breast drills same - ancient Slavic symbol of the sun, the solstice, eternity, eternal movement of life and its victory over death.Typically, circuit pattern for embroidery with such symbols is used for men's shirts.

When the patterns are treated

In southern Slavs one of the most popular motifs of embroidery were vines with bunches interwoven twigs with leaves.Grapes - a symbol of female fertility.Patches in the form of a decorated sleeve shirts and dresses, outerwear married women, so they are easier to bear and give birth to children.For men, this figure did not fit.What's interesting: if the circuit pattern for embroidery required the use of a blue color, it is applied to children's clothing.It was believed that this pattern serves as protection from accidents, and if a child is hurt or injured, the damage will heal faster without taking a little tomboy unnecessary trouble.There was the so-called Borshevskaya embroidery, combining floral and animal motifs (roses, butterflies, birds).If an ornament of flowers also added Svarog was obtained not only elegant shirt or blouse, and ward off diseases of blood vessels and heart.Barshcheuski use these patterns for embroidery female and male, is especially recommended for elderly people.

protection of higher powers

peasant clothing of the past centuries, which can be seen in ethnographic museums, as well as towels (towels), which is decorated with the image of the family, often contain images of butterflies and birds.And if similar patterns for women's shirts are perceived quite normal, for the men, they do not really fit.However, this view is wrong, and our ancestors knew what they were doing!It turns out, birds and butterflies symbolize angels sent from above to protect us from the trouble and evil influence.Therefore chosen such motives for men's shirts and belts, especially if the occupation of the stronger sex was associated with risk: a matter of hunting or army.And, of course, patterns for children vyshivanok not do without butterflies, moths and birds - because kids can not be without God's protection!

On the eve of the wedding

strongest talisman was sewing Reshetilovka.Its main application - to decorate the wedding dress the bride and groom.It performs white silk threads and beads on a white background as a variety of techniques (surface, stalked the seam and so on. D.).Sacral meaning of the figure, symbolic overtones - the personification of the moral and physical purity of the couple and wish them a happy married life.Therefore Reshetilovka patterns embroidered shirts for men and women are called - wedding.

geometric style

Slavic mythology laid the foundation, and many secret characters, encoded in geometrical patterns.This is primarily circles, break lines and parallel lines, diamonds, zigzags, crosses.It went away for patterns embroidered shirts Cross - the oldest, the origins of which lie more in the Tripoli culture.By the same type of figures is "eight" - an infinity sign, symbolizing the element of water, and an octagonal flower - Sun, signifying the elements of light, fire, life.Both characters are included in the embroidery pattern for boys and girls, t. To. They were regarded as a talisman that combines the maternal and paternal power.And especially for young men and young mother and later his wife embroidered shirts blue diamonds with dots in the middle.In people, it was thought that a similar pattern enhances virility.


Floral ornament clothing should emphasize original relationship between man and nature, their unity and nurture the human race lifeblood of the earth-mother.Most often in Ukrainian and Russian embroidery could be seen hops, periwinkle, grape, cranberry, oak leaves, and this is no accident.Kalina, for example, a bond with a human homeland, native, native, roots, ancestors.And from them he received support and patronage, and binding thread embroidered patterns were appropriate.In addition, Kalina had another secret meaning - according to the beliefs even Proto-Slavic tribes, it started the birth of the heavenly world, because of the fruit of the tree were the stars, the sun and the month.

Another sacred tree - oak, connecting heaven and earth, the spiritual world and the material.Oak - a resistance, strength, inexhaustible life force, the patron of masculinity.

vines, as we have said - is a female ornament, as well as family.They were decorated with festive tablecloths, towels, bed linen for the marital bedroom.

pattern with sprigs of hops often adorned the shirts of young guys and talked about the fun, joyous, restless disposition.

were embroidered on frequent and fiery poppies - defense against the evil eye, oblique views and speeches.

zoomorphic motifs

stylized images of butterflies, birds, and even some animals - frequent visitors in folk embroidery.Their appearance can not be called an accident.Of the birds embroidering cocks, cuckoos, owls.Why them?Rooster as a decoration and pride of a farm, chickens head and was loved by the degree of character and bright plumage.Peasant everyday life was based on the cock crowing: they were notified of the approach of the morning, and warned about lunchtime, and that it is time to rest, they said.Bird, this was instead of hours.That gave her the respect, were pictured on the embroidery.

Cuckoo same year by a human leads.To spared the trouble but it was more vital to rejuvenate himself and embroidered cuckoo.

Owl popularly revered symbol of wisdom and secret forces.This amulet was protected from rash acts, hasty action, fraught with unpleasant consequences, and protect against all evil forces.

embroider clothes often fish - a symbol of longevity, and hares - a symbol of endurance and physical strength, cunning and dexterity.Butterflies among the various branches of wreath and flowers indicated carefree, easy life.

tones and shades

And a few words about the thread colors in embroidery.For example, black and red.It is the color of the soil and the sun of his native land and blood.They must protect the people from all kinds of external negativity and bad influence of evil forces, to increase the natural protective power.In addition, red attracts good luck and health.

Purely black thread embroidering their clothes widow - a sign of the inconsolable grief of losing loved ones.They're also used for magical ornaments to ritual robes sorcerers and magicians.Colours of life, youth, growth - all shades of green, especially bright, juicy, rich.A yellow and orange to symbolize warmth, joy, wealth and prosperity.