How to make homemade snowmobile on tracks with their own hands?

Those who love often go fishing in the winter, it is very often faced with the problem of permeability.It is not always even an SUV can directly drive up to the bank of the river, and even more so to the very place of fishing.The way out of this situation will serve as a snowmobile track.However, the price of such equipment in the stores sometimes is not available, and because there is a need in the manufacture of such a device with your hands.In today's article we will look at how to make homemade snowmobile on tracks and that you need to have.


First, we should start with the most difficult element of the design of a snowmobile - tracks.Along with the motor it is a major element of the entire motor art.To make it, you must first create drawings homemade snowmobile on tracks (much like our second photo).So you'll know the exact sequence of the work and forget about any small parts.Now, how to make a caterpillar in practice.To do this we need to take a plastic tube (diameter approximately

40 millimeters) and two strips of the conveyor belt.Number of pieces of strips depends on how long is your track.Working with these details, but rather, their processing is easily done on the circular saw blade or the (Bulgarian).This cut should be part of one wall at a time.This is to ensure the accuracy of the work performed.How to connect the conveyor belt trimmed with half pipe?For this we need two furniture bolt, the diameter of the thread should be about 6 millimeters.If you combine this value with elements made structure, the pitch between the lugs on the output will turn 93 millimeters.

When "baiting" pieces of pipe sliced ​​their side out steps required to leave a gap between them.If the offset will be 3 millimeters or more, this will lead to inconsistent operation of the teeth and the drive gear of the tape itself, because of which a snowmobile start breakthrough.And this is leading to loss of control.This inconsistency can lead to the fact that the tape may simply slide with rollers.

important to observe caterpillars and dimension.That is how long it will be, it depends on the power of the engine, which will operate a homemade sled.On the tracks need to calculate the nominal pressure of all the equipment on her plane.Thus, the curb weight of the snowmobile relative to the road surface must be not more than 0.4 kg / cm2.

How to produce drilling tape?

Homemade snowmobiles tracked quite normal work tape, drill a conventional drill.However, the device operated as long as possible, it is necessary beforehand to drill resharpen work with rubber.Previously should purchase a tool designed for wood surfaces.In no case do not use the drills for metal.

remaining running gear

deal with the remaining units will be easier.For example, components such as axles and rubber wheels, "Buranovskie 'drive sprockets and bearings are protected, can be purchased at any specialized shop.By the way, better to buy inflatable wheels.This technique will be softer on the go.The axis can be taken by a simple garden carts (biaxial).If necessary, you can crop or, on the contrary, to extend it to the appropriate values ​​appliances.If you can not buy the drive shaft in the store, you can try to do it on a lathe.With self-manufacturing shaft note that in size it well together bearings.

homemade snowmobile on tracks : frame

it we will carry out the basic function of supporting and retaining all the details, including the engine, in a single whole.By the way, the motor can be used as a power unit of the motorcycle with the gearbox.But back to the frame.Her we are made of steel square tube with a diameter of 25x25 millimeters.Thus it is necessary to weld in such a way that on it were two longitudinal and three cross members.The presence of these components on the frame substantially strengthen its structure.

Finish the job

Finally on how to install homemade snowmobile tracks on the steering mechanism.During assembly of the snowmobile is necessary to make two rotary sleeve.This will be your steering.How it's done?To the front frame need to weld the tap sleeve with internal thread and 1/3 inch screw the male threaded connections.Nozzles are already welded rack ski runs and fry for a steering rod.By the way, you can use the skis to the usual children's car "Argamak."But before that they pre-prepare to install: attach the rotary rack mounting angles and make undercut metal.This will significantly improve mobility and quality control of a snowmobile at high speed.