Paint wooden floor, using "pinotex" for internal works

performing cosmetic repair of apartments, are often faced with the need to paint the wooden floors.How to do it using the "pinotex" for internal work?

Despite a rich selection of modern floor coverings, of considerable importance, and to this day have simple wooden floors preserved in almost every second house.The reasons are many: it plays a role not only unwillingness to replace the floors, which have remained ever since the construction of the house, but also the fact that a more environmentally friendly material world just does not know.In the light of the struggle for a healthy lifestyle this factor is sometimes decisive.

However, experts say that the wooden flooring necessarily need to paint, using "pinotex" for domestic work.This will not only make them more attractive in appearance, but also a bit reduce the burden on the hosts.Painted wooden floors can be cleaned only once a week, while the floor of unpainted wood should be thoroughly wash every day.So for the sake of extending the life of

the sexes and the possibility of changing the interior of the room is to paint them, and should approach this matter very thoroughly, even doing redecorating apartment.

In order to maintain the structure of the tree and protect the floor from damage due to external factors, it is covered with varnish.Before the start of work the entire floor thoroughly oshkurivayut, wipe, and then applied the first coat of varnish.For the first application of the next layer must dry thoroughly.Once the floor is covered with varnish for the second time, trimmed all irregularities.Then put the obligatory third layer.As you can see, with a varnish very much trouble, and it is difficult to look after, so the paint "pinotex" for internal works is preferred.

To better protect the floor from possible destruction of his paint, but before that it makes sense to treat the wood floor disinfectant and dry.The very ink "pinotex" for interior differs environmental friendliness, water resistance, good paints over the surface for a long time and can maintain the color.These requirements correspond to the Water-dispersed class, it became widespread in recent years.

can be painted on the floor in the following ways:

  1. first method involves applying a floor of natural linseed oil.Then the floor is applied a first layer of paint, after drying - next.
  2. use oil putty for leveling the floor is typical for the second method of staining.First floor shpatlyuetsya carefully, and after drying the first layer of the procedure must be repeated.After drying, the entire putty in two layers applied "pinotex" for internal works, reviews of which, by the way, positive.
  3. In the third method, the floor is first coated with varnish after drying shpatlyuetsya it, and do it to eliminate all injuries and cosmetic defects.The paint is applied on a floor three times.

It must be remembered that the floor be sure to dry thoroughly.Otherwise, there will be numerous defects, which will be impossible to fix.