The design of the hall in the apartment: consider the options

Unlike other rooms (kitchen, bedroom), hall - it's premises, which often lead guests where the family gathers in the evening and discussed the previous day.This room is of great importance.The design of the hall in the apartment reflects the taste, style and character of the owners.It helps to relax and impress.

where do I start to design the hall in the apartment?The most difficult - is to allocate functional areas, that is to decide what and where you will stand.One of the compulsory subjects that are always there in the living room is a TV.Depending on its location, you then put a sofa and chairs.Usually TV is not put in front of the window.However, with the advent of modern models with a flat-screen TV, this rule can and upset.

Design room in a typical apartment should be designed in accordance with the size of the room.If you are lucky enough to own a large area, you can not afford to arrange furniture along the walls.It looks good furniture standing near the center of the room.At the same tim

e near the sofa for the convenience of put the coffee table.It can be transparent or simply wooden.It serves not only stand for magazines and books, but also for cups, vases and so on.

Design room in the apartment is not possible without the rational choice of colors.Since this room is designed for all family members, and the tastes of the household must be taken into account.It is better to choose something neutral, suitable for all.

choice of furniture and design of the room in the apartment - are indivisible.If you have small children, it's best to choose table, sofa, chairs with no sharp corners.If the furniture has elements of wood, it is best that they are the same color.

Furniture sets can be bought ready-made at the store, but if you want to be original, make them to order.So you can choose and shape, and color, and texture.

Another interesting option that will help you create an original design of the hall in the apartment - it is the purchase of furniture at auction.You can find amazing things at a very affordable price.If necessary, they can be varnished, painted or re-sheathing.

furniture should be so as not to interfere with the transition from one room to another.You must be cozy and comfortable in the ready room.This can be facilitated and textiles.For example, can enliven any interior colorful curtains on the windows, cheerful colors and tablecloth different size pillows.They may even be very much.Artificial mess in the room you may even like it.Put a couple of pillows on the floor - where they will not interfere.This will give you a little comfort and entertain.

Design room in an apartment-Khrushchev more specific.Such premises are usually small and the flight of fantasy here is very limited.Visually expand the space will help Mural with landscape receding into the distance, a view of the big city.Furniture in this case will have to place the walls.

sure to take care of the lighting.There should be a central bright light and a bit dim side.

not forget about accessories.Family photos, children's drawings will look good on the shelves and walls.