Ceiling: Surface finishes and its types

When repairing areas special attention should be paid to the ceiling.This is extremely important, if not the main element of the interior.Ceiling with a flawless finish transforms the room.He gives it a cozy, elegant appearance and elegance.

High-quality finishing of the ceiling in the house has a positive effect on its reflectivity, which saves on electricity used to illuminate the room.

There are many design options such surfaces.They help solve a number of issues that previously were nearly impossible to do.

Masters veteran remembers those days, when the work falls custom type ceiling.Finishing it is always accompanied by nerves and loss of precious time.

performing finishing work on the ceiling, now used various types of construction materials.This natural stone, wood, plastic plate.Also, metal, paint, textiles, wallpapers, mirrors.

With handy materials such masters make the ceilings not only beautiful and high-quality, but also exclusive, in a modern way.And this is important.

When you walk into a room that catches the eye?This ceiling.Finish it may be different, but it always has to be the decoration of the home.

today when repairing ceilings, many prefer hanging options.This is understandable, because with such a structure can easily hide various communications, make the surface texture, as well as various in color and form.

Equally popular coffered ceiling.This special frame construction with special panels.Gather a ceiling of small identical components that are placed in special mounting frame.As a finishing elements here are the plates of pressed mineral wool with clay and cellulosic filler.They do not burn, environmentally friendly and does not clog up the atmosphere.

looks very beautiful ceiling decoration which is made of slats.Basically, these structures can be seen in a small area and the areas with a high humidity level.This is usually the kitchen, bathrooms, showers and bathrooms.The main element of such ceilings is the metal plate, lacquered.

Mod sea surface finish is a suspended ceiling.It is made on the size of the specific surface of the solid vinyl polymers.The quality of the coating can not be put into words.

Plus, they do not burn, can withstand tremendous strain and are not afraid of moisture.This ultra-modern ceiling decoration that does not require special care, it is not necessary to glue the wallpaper and paint is not necessary.Such a construction will not less than 15 years.

There is one quite original type of finish of ceilings - the so-called "boarded" design.They are made of decorative panels, sheets of drywall and other fibreboard materials.For the ceiling of this type must be pre-erected frame.Due to the flexibility of the materials used, the ceiling surface of this type can be any configuration and curved.

Made tasteful decoration of walls and ceilings will decorate any room, it will be distinctive and original.