Tile tiled kitchen: choose and buy the right

Before selecting a finishing material for the kitchen, decide for what purpose you need a tile: for walls or floors.Then calculate the right amount.Make it quite easy: pomerte width, height and length of walls and floors with the usual centimeter.Then think over the size coating.

tile tiled kitchen can be big or small.First look better on the floor, it is easier to wash and convenient positioning pattern.But you can choose a finish for the walls, did not have long to mess around with stitches.

buy stuff better in specialty stores or departments.It will offer a greater range and help you choose exactly what you need.Buying mirror tiles, it is worth remembering that its width is nearly one and a half times less than usual, and a porous structure absorbs more moisture, odors and dirt, because it will have to be washed frequently.

on the surface of the elements should not be chopped off, scratches and distortions.It is important to gather as much information: who the manufacturer, what is the porosity

and density of the coating.

glazed tiles for the kitchen should be 3 or 4 strength class.This means that it is impact-resistant, easy to clean, and cleaned of any chemicals.Note the thermal stability.If the coating is unimportant, the tiles from the high temperatures and the crack will soon require complete replacement.

Decorating this room - it's not only the walls, it is also the floor.Floor tiles for the kitchen too requires careful approach.Choose only one that has a high grade of stability and impact resistance.Kitchen - a place where most go, throw liquid drops things and their contents, and thus more likely to wash, and using different chemicals.

Another important factor when choosing a coating such as tiles for the kitchen - the price of the material.In the construction market today presented a huge assortimet products of different price categories, which will allow everyone to choose the best option.

AA tile is most stable with respect to any of the compounds, as well as a black mark on the packaging of the foot - an indicator of excellent quality.Slippery tiles can be checked in a simple way: drip water on the surface and rub with your finger - it remains to be seen whether or not you slide on the freshly scrubbed floor.

glazed tiles for the kitchen - a fragile commodity, because it is not necessary to buy a strictly limited amount.Experienced repairers are advised to take on the walls, plus 7-10% of the stock, particularly for products with a complex pattern.If not enough - do not despair, in the store you can always buy the missing amount, it is important not to forget the complete list of marking goods that you have.

Today tile manufacturers offer a wide variety of colors, patterns and textures.Choosing lighter shades, it is important to know that this coverage will be visible to all fatty droplets, stains and dirt.Tile tiled kitchen with a mirror finish - is also an option for shining cleanliness of kitchens, but dull, with understated pattern, in harmony with the overall style of the room would look great on a small apron, and the general decoration.

finishing require a lot of patience and perseverance, and the kitchen is the most visited room in the house should always pleasing cleanliness and comfort.Because it is to learn more about the quality of the goods, their quantity and strength before you buy a tile, and proceed to its installation.