The warm ceiling in a private house?

Many owners of private homes are not even aware that the greatest heat is leaking through the ceiling.This fact can be explained quite simply, the air heated in the room rises and through the gap between floor slabs coming out.Thus it lost about fifty percent of the heat.Therefore, the owners of estates have to think about what to insulate the ceiling in a private home.It is thus possible to significantly save on expensive energy.

The warm ceiling of a private house: material selection

Mineral wool

This insulation is made of artificial fiber.The raw material for the production of material is limestone, basalt, dolomite.The undoubted advantage of wool is its durability, low hygroscopicity and the ability to withstand fire.


This material was prepared from the foam is made of ordinary plastic.It is characterized by lightness, ease.In addition, it is easy to transport and install.Among the positive qualities of this building material can be noted a good thermal and acoustic insulation.


so-called liquid foam has a relatively low cost.If you are thinking over what insulate the ceiling of a private house, it is a worthy option.Penoizol perfectly fills all voids and perfectly protects the room from the cold.However, on its own to fill the liquid foam is very difficult for these goals will require the help of experts.


The basis of this insulation - cellulose.It is mounted in the ceiling with the help of special equipment.The material consists of thin wood fibers obtained by the treatment of waste paper.Ecowool has high heat insulation and a relatively inexpensive cost.However, the dry material may be mounting a dusty environment.


Frost material.Its main Component-clay which is prefired in an oven.Note that you can only insulate haydite pretty solid construction to withstand the extra load.This material is much harder foam and mineral wool.After studying the characteristics of the basic materials will be easier to make a choice of what to insulate the ceiling of a private house.


Many people think that alone make it virtually impossible.However, in practice it is not so difficult.How to insulate ceilings in the house?You must first put a vapor barrier material.Usually used for this purpose polyethylene film or polypropylene.He will keep rising warm.Also suitable glassine or other rough on one side of the film.Vapour material must adhere perfectly to the walls and beams.Next fastened insulation (mineral wool, polystyrene, expanded clay, ecowool).Fixing the material to the surface of the ceiling can be performed by gluing or mechanically (using fasteners fungi).At the end of the ceiling is sheathed with plasterboard, plastic or other decoration materials.And do not forget to make holes for the fixtures.Now the question of what to insulate the ceiling in a private home, no longer be a problem for you.