Pressure switch for the pump: the dignity, the device features, connections and settings

pressure switch for the pump - this is a very effective monitoring equipment that is installed in the water system.The most common device is installed in order to prevent the so-called dry-running pump station.However, it has other good qualities which make it popular.


Advantages Among the advantages that a pressure switch for the pump is to provide such:

- efficiency (represented by the device regulates the flow of water and the proper operation of pumping equipment);

- practicality (the relay can be installed on all types of pumps);

- durability (due to quality materials represented by the device rarely breaks);

- accessibility (you can buy it in any store the sanitary, while the cost of the product is low);

- a fairly simple procedure to install and configure;

- quality automation, which allows you to switch off the pump if there is too much or insufficient fluid pressure.

The present device not only makes optimum use of the water supply system, but also increases the term of its

operation, and therefore save you money.

principle of operation and characteristics of the device products

pressure switch for the pump has a fairly simple structure.Inside the plastic or metal housing mounted spring adjustment that produce special nuts.Also it has a membrane through which the pressure is transmitted inside the relay.Spring regulates the operation of the pump.

operating principle of this device is also quite simple.First of all, the spring must be adjusted, that is to expose the desired value of pressure.Further, during operation of the device they include, as necessary, that is if the pressure has not reached the set level.When the springs are closed, current flows into the pump, and he begins to work actively.

How to install and configure the device?

order to pressure switch for the pump to operate effectively, it must be properly mounted.You can do it yourself, as this process is not complicated.First you need to install a check valve to the suction.Water pressure for the pump is mounted on top, before the pressure hose.

Device Configuration - delicate procedure, during which must be alert and careful.To begin, remove the cover of the device, to have access to the springs.The pressure is regulated by a large and a small nut.One of these (large) is responsible for the lower value of the index.With smaller nuts you will be able to put the necessary pressure.Now you can tighten the lid.All actions should be done carefully so as not to damage the product.

pressure switch for pump connection which is quite a simple process, will protect your device from the pumped liquid premature wear and tear.