Snowman made of cotton with their hands.

New Year - a holiday, which is eagerly awaited, not only children but also adults.At this magical time of the street, house and apartment residents transformed miraculously.Decorated Christmas tree lights merry, bright lights and paper snowflakes can be seen in every home.You may want to make other original articles with your child.They will fill your house atmosphere of the spirit of Christmas and New Year holidays.Today we want to tell you how to make a snowman made of cotton with their hands.Pets tricks that you apply while working on this crafts, and entertain your child will learn to apply their knowledge and skills in practice.Help him to make the original toy, and you get a lot of pleasure from the time spent together.

snowman made of cotton with their hands for the little

small child feels sincere joy of working with waste materials.He was pleased to see how out unnecessary things, debris and paper to light are born great souvenirs and decorations.But even more, he likes to give ready-made c

rafts to family and friends.Show him how to make a snowman made of cotton with the help of simple materials.For this exciting experience you will need to take:

  • thick sheet of white paper and a template out of cardboard in the form of a snowman.
  • Clay.
  • Vatu.
  • Colored pencils and paint.

Stages of

Before proceeding to the application, conduct the preparatory work: look together with characters from cartoons, snowmen and make snow on the street a few handicrafts.Encourage your child to prepare a gift for grandparents - a picture or a holiday card.How to make a snowman made of cotton paper:

  • Apply pre-defined template to the album pages and draw it in pencil.
  • wool Tear into pieces and roll into small balls of them.
  • Attach them with glue to the paper.Help your child gently fill the empty space and make sure that wool is not too fall outside the loop.
  • Show your child how to draw individual parts: nose, hands, hat, scarf and buttons.
  • If a child like workflow, you can make a picture frame from cotton balls and snowflakes.

When hack "snowman made of cotton" will be ready, do not skimp on the praise.Then the baby will be proud of themselves and will want to repeat the experience.

snowman made of cotton with their hands for preschool children

This volume hack will look great under your Christmas tree, or serve as a gift for close friends and relatives.How to make a decorative snowman made of cotton with their hands?First of all you need to stock up the necessary materials:

  • soap and glue.
  • sequins and tassel.
  • wool and dry twigs.


Carefully read the instructions on how to make a snowman made of cotton and start to act.

  • To make it easier to roll up the basis for the snowman, soap hand soap.Take two pieces (one has to be smaller), form one head and torso, and then leave for a short time away.
  • While dry lumps, get glue.Dilute PVA with water and add a little glitter.
  • brush Apply adhesive mortar on the surface of the figures and then let it dry.
  • Wrap the tip of a toothpick and a piece of cotton promazhte it with glue.When the future nose dries, paint it red or orange paint.
  • Connect parts crafts using lubricated glue toothpick, attach the eyes, nose and hands, decorate knitted hat and scarf.Snegovichok will look more interesting if his arms and legs are made of the same balls, but smaller.
  • snowman made of cotton with their hands ready.If a child like this hack, then ask him to do for his hero's family or friends.You can create an entire composition, place it on a stand, adding elegant Christmas tree or sled.Also, he will make a great decoration for Christmas tree, which the child can hang himself in the place he liked.

Volume snowman

We want to introduce you to yet another embodiment of crafts from waste material.This time we'll use:

  • newspaper or wrapping paper thin.
  • Vatu and glue.
  • pencil, colored markers and scissors.

Crumple the paper and form of her three balls of different sizes - they serve as the basis for the body of our friend snow.To lumps are not collapsed, they need to be generously lubricate the glue.When the foundation is dry, apply a second layer of PVA and wrap it in cotton wool.Draw on paper smile, eyes and buttons for the snowman, cut them out and stick rely on their place.Nose for our snowman can be made by the method described above (using toothpicks and cotton), and then glued to the face.The torso and head crafts best seal between a toothpick or wooden skewer sharp, pre-soaked in glue.As you can imagine, a snowman made of cotton with their hands is quite simple, but the kids get great pleasure from the creative process.

Conclusion We hope that you like the idea of ​​craft, described your article.Spend more time with your child and then your relationship will become closer, full of confidence and affection.Working with natural material knockdown and help develop the baby a lot of talent.Perhaps because of the skills learned at an early age, he wants to connect his life with art or architecture.And maybe learn to draw and turn their creative ideas into reality.