Cathedral pear.

Orchard - is the pride of every gardener.Grow on your site amazing trees is difficult, but the reward you get a delicious and sweet fruit.And, of course, almost any of the gardens can be found a pear.Fruit that is loved by many.Today there are several varieties of this tree.We will look at the most interesting option, such as the Cathedral pear.

Description Pear varieties

Cathedral is the fruit of years of ripening.Adults grow trees of medium height, with thick green foliage.They can be found on the smooth trunk.Ripe pear shape is correct.Its weight varies from 110 to 130 grams.Pears have a soft and smooth skin.Its color when ripe becomes pale yellow with bright red blush.The taste of sweet and sour.If we talk about the timing of maturation, this applies to middle-grade representatives.After the harvest of pears during storage should not exceed two weeks.Ideal for fresh consumption.Cathedral pears used for the manufacture of dried fruit, jam or compote.Among the many representatives of this particul

ar cultivar tolerates winter and bears fruit every year.If you need undemanding variety, you should opt for this form, like a pear Cathedral.Description will evaluate all sorts of quality characteristics.

Features and disadvantages grade

Speaking of the full description of the species, it is worth mentioning the advantages and disadvantages of pears.The special features include:

  • increased winter hardiness;
  • grade is absolutely not subject to purulent and fungal diseases;
  • high yield;
  • opportunity tree to bear fruit every year without interruption.

Among other advantages, there are significant drawbacks:

  • small shelf life of ripe fruit;
  • size of ripe pears - below average.

If you choose such an interesting variety, as the Cathedral pear, you should know and other features.Accounting for all the details to ensure high yields.

Proper planting

Cathedral pear selectively refer to the ground.Preference is to give fertile soil without clay.After planting a tree it is necessary to remove all the weeds and loosen the soil.If you wish, you can make the mulch.

tree care

If the summer is too dry, then watering should be conducted at least once a week.At standard temperature and the rain makes it much less often.Compulsory care includes pruning.In this case, pear unpretentious.Suffice it every summer to conduct sanitary pruning twigs patients.

treatment of diseases and parasites

Most fruits pear face a problem as the rot.This happens because the disease moniliosis tree.To prevent rot, collected all the time wasters like fruit from the tree and with the soil.Often Cathedral pears meet the following diseases:

  • black cancer;
  • tsitosporoz;
  • fire blight.

If for some reason the tree ceased to bloom, it is worth paying attention to his condition.Treatment is carried out using a copper or iron sulfate, Bordeaux liquid, a weak solution of potassium permanganate, urea.In extreme cases, the work of taking the complex chemical solutions.

If you choose to put on your site pears, you should give preference to this class.With proper care, you can get a great harvest.Cathedral pear is well suited for cultivation in any territory of the Russian Federation.Increased winter hardiness of the tree will survive even the most severe frosts, and then he will force to bear fruit.So, you can enjoy juicy and tasty fruits.