Tomato "Mikado": description of the variety, especially the cultivation and care reviews

surprising that currently no tomato can not do any casual or festive table.Mistress use this vegetable is fresh, make sauces are added to meat and fish dishes, harvested in the winter.There are lots of different varieties of tomatoes.Some are more sweet, while others are well kept, others look beautiful sliced.In this article, we consider one of the most popular varieties - tomato "Mikado".It has proven itself in our environment, and valued by many of the large and fleshy fruits, and a sweet taste.

Description varieties

varieties of tomatoes "Mikado" differs tall and of medium-term maturity.The growing season lasts 135-150 days.The fruits ripen 95 days after planting.The height of an adult bush reaches a height of 1.5-2.5 meters.The leaves are broad, dark green in appearance resemble potato.

Fruits ploskookrugloy, juicy and fleshy, with a dense skin.

Weight tomato is quite high, 400-600 grams.On one bush can be up to 8 tomatoes.The fruits have a good safety both at home and in canning.Tomato

"Mikado" can be red, pink, yellow and even black shades.But they are similar in taste and technological properties.

variety is resistant to many diseases, including late blight.

Terms growing

best temperature for the growth and development of tomatoes, as well as for the formation of a high yield is 20-25 degrees.If the thermometer drops below the mark of 16 degrees, then it stops flowering, fruit set is terminated, and if the temperature drops even lower, the stop and the growth of the plant.High temperatures also adversely affected since there is no pollination.

Tomato "Mikado" is very demanding to light, it should be planted in well-lit, sunny places, as at strong darkening significantly decreases productivity.

tomatoes also sensitive to the physical structure and fertility of the soil.High yield and good plant growth is possible on loose loamy or sandy soils with regular application of organic fertilizers.However, it is worth remembering that the potash and phosphate fertilizers accelerate the growth and maturation of the fruit, and excessive nitrogen fertilization retard ripening.


best time for planting seedlings of tomatoes - a gloomy evening or cloudy day.This provides better survival of plants.Because tomatoes "Mikado" refers to a tall varieties for planting holes do more than other varieties of tomatoes, about 50x50 cm.To each well is required to insert a pole height of not less than 4 meters for tying plants as they grow.Before planting, make fertilizer: humus or compost, a little bit of ash and phosphorus.Particular attention should be paid to the distance between the tomatoes, since frequent planting bushes may obscure each other.

Care tomatoes

A few days after the landing area on which grow tomatoes, loosen and hilling plants.In the future, three times in the season you need to loosen the soil, removing weeds, hill and, if necessary, tie the plant.

Watering is carried out as necessary, as the drying of the soil.More acceptable rare, but abundant watering.Tomato "Mikado" is sensitive to weeds, so they need constant weeding.

Opinions on tomatoes

Different sources can find many reviews for tomatoes "Mikado."Reviews are mostly positive.Gardeners say high yield, good taste, good seed germination.Among the shortcomings are sometimes referred to the fact that tomatoes can change your taste in pickling, since their flesh is very tender.That is why to use "Mikado" is best when fresh.Red tomatoes are good for making soup and tomato paste, and pink - for fresh salads.

Pink "Mikado"

addition to red tomatoes, there are other tomatoes "Mikado".Pink, for example, very early ripening.From the moment of emergence to the period of fruiting it takes about 90-94 days.This variety is perfect for film and glass greenhouses is indeterminatnym, that is has unlimited growth.Tomatoes "Mikado" (pink variety) feature a rounded, slightly flattened fruit, one-dimensional and uniform in shape.Weight tomatoes reaches 400-500 grams.The flesh is juicy, sweet, contains in its composition a lot of lycopene, carotene and selenium.Fruits are great for salads and for canning for the winter.

variety is resistant to major diseases.Planting seedlings is carried out in late winter - early spring, at the same time recommended additional backlighting.After planting, the plants in the greenhouse (in late April), be sure to tie up tomatoes.

To form a single stem of the plant is necessary by removing all the lower leaves, and stepchildren, and prischipyvaya growth point.

So, in the article were considered tomatoes "Mikado."Photos show that the fruits of these tomatoes are large, and reviews gardeners talk about their incredible taste and juicy pulp elastic.However, be aware that the best taste those tomatoes have that removed at the end of maturity.They are ideal for juicing, canned tomato paste.For salting and pickling can use green or blanshevye fruit, if they do not have time to fully ripen before the first frost.