Cork wallpapers for walls.

Environmental cleanliness has recently become the main design concept and the main criterion in the selection of materials for your own home.And it's one of the reasons why the cork wallpaper for the walls today are very popular among consumers.During repair work, now the choice is usually made in favor of materials of natural origin.

Natural products of the construction industry, which are fully applicable cork wallpaper for the walls, gradually being squeezed out of the market cheap synthetics.At some point in our crowded world of artificial things become particularly valued products of natural origin, which do not have adverse health effects.This current trend could not affect the building materials industry.

a relatively new cork wallpaper for the walls immediately confidently occupied their decent niche.Almost immediately they became a favorite material of professional interior designers.And it is very significant.Already, cork wallpaper for the walls in terms of sales is much superior to ma

ny other materials similar purpose.This is not surprising - in our time humanity relies on environmentally friendly products.

Cork wallpapers for walls (photo demonstrates this fact) have unusual exotic texture and a wide variety of all kinds of shades that allows you to fully realize all daring and even extravagant designs in the interiors of cafes, restaurants and all types of premises.They are able to perfectly fit into whatever stylistic design.And everywhere they look extremely impressive.

Cork wallpapers for walls (reviews confirm this) have excellent wear resistance and enhanced sound-absorbing qualities.They have good dielectric properties and sufficiently undemanding in operation.This material does not attract dust.Thanks to its microporous structure provides good ventilation tube wall that prevents the formation of mold and fungal cultures.This is yet another distinct advantage of this material is that it can be used without restrictions in all types of premises.

These wallpapers are made of small chips of cork trees.There are two types of material: molded tiles and paintings.They may have a paper base or be unbonded.Recent crumb made of the content of some vegetable components, which are glued together at high temperatures.Then the semi-finished product is passed through a special press for the formation of a thin veneer cork.Unfortunately, in the shops these wallpapers do not occur very often.More common is the paper-based version.During the processing of cork texture veneer is not affected, but the high temperatures do not affect the material.

These wallpapers can be the perfect design solution for building high humidity - the bath or kitchen, as this material has a high water resistance and the ability not to absorb the different smells.In addition, grease and mud layers are easily removed with a conventional cork wallpaper with a damp sponge.Recommendations for handling detergents manufacturers are always indicated on the package.Along with the many advantages, cork wallpaper have, perhaps, only one serious drawback - the relatively high cost.However, this is compensated and fully justified by environmental cleanliness, durability and wear resistance, and if we add here easy implementation cork wallpaper in any style of interior, it becomes clear to them a considerable price.

Optional hang this stuff all the walls.Cork wallpaper can cut out various figures: trees, bear, moose or a dolphin and easily combine them with a different type of finishing materials or painted walls.In general, it depends solely on the flight to your imagination.