Bar counter for the kitchen - a stylish interior detail

Each of us spends in the kitchen a lot of time.It is therefore understandable desire to make this room a stylish, modern and functional.The idea of ​​a cardinal change the familiar face of the room was visited by many.Custom kitchen attached to any kind of bar.Photo on which it is one of the leading elements of the interior, clearly confirm this statement.

Classic racks have a fairly decent height of 110 or 115 centimeters.But what is good for restaurants and bars in the home can cause discomfort.Manufacturers have long abandoned the type specimens, they release a model with reduced dimensions, which are easy to fit even in a small room.But the chairs that come in the kit, were not changed.Their height remained at 65 centimeters.

Running bar for food from a variety of materials.There are samples of wood, metal, glass, decorative stone.Exquisitely look combined models.Typically

strut has an oval shape, with one end adjacent to a wall.But experiments with the construction led to the fact that you c

an find models with a table of any shape: round, clear geometric.There are complex multi-level structures.This diversity allows you to choose a suitable design for your furniture design.Bar counter, besides countertops, a dryer, a hanger for glasses.Sometimes it built additional cabinets.

bar counter for the kitchen not only brings to the interior a touch of novelty, but also solves the very specific practical problems.For example, when combined living room and kitchen, she successfully divides the space into zones.In small rooms it is completely replaces the dinner table.During her stay with a nice cup of coffee and leisurely browse through the magazine.Or a heart to heart talk with an old friend, to have breakfast early in the morning.

Happy owners of large dining rooms suitable option, in which the bar is mounted middle of the kitchen.This method is called the "island."Countertops while on the one hand is further equipped with a hob and sink.

fully replace the usual desktop appears near-wall bar.For the kitchen, like a narrow pencil case, this is a great way to free up some space, such as the design can be mounted on the window sill.

for small spaces designed angular variations racks.They easily fit into a modest footage space.You need to select the format of the mini compact models.

Unusually looks movable bar kitchen.Due to castors, it moves along the surface of the kitchen countertop, thus increasing its working area.

choosing ready stance, think about how it will be combined with the rest of the furniture.For home furnishings do not conflict with each other on the design or colors, better to buy headsets, including the desired option bar.