Outdoor wood plinth: Features

Skirting Outdoor wood is the most ancient one floor border in Russia.Since the territory of ancient times were rich in wood, it is very actively used in all areas of construction.Outdoor wood plinth - a classic Slavic Domostroi, which finds wide application in modern construction.It is worth considering what kind of material is best used for manufacturing plinths, how to install it on the floor, as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

If you choose a wooden floor plinth in accordance with the guests, you'll get pine product.That's right, because pine is a very good material for creating products of this kind, however, is not the only one.Let's look at the qualities that should have a good wood for moldings.Since the plinth is framed floor, visually it is perceived as a straight line, outlining the surface.To obtain such a line, the product must also be smooth.Wood should not be exposed to strain under the influence of moisture.This obliges to choose such kind of wood as fir, larch, pine, spruce a

nd yew.If you change the humidity, they are not deformed and do not crack when dry.In addition, they are perfectly treatable, easy to fit, look great.Soft hardwoods are prone to deformation at high humidity, and hard rock - crack when dry.In addition, when working with hardwoods there is a lot of problems during installation and handling.

Skirting Outdoor wood set in a series of simple sequential operations.If you stick to the rules and order of their execution, you can carry out installation yourself.Mitre is used to dock at the corners and baseboards in between.This device allows you to trim the most essential elements of exactly the desired angle.Sometimes I use the miter box is not possible, because the angle between the walls is not direct, but a little more or less.This is due to errors in laying the foundation.

In this case, made a special markings.Stick a plinth is applied to the angle between the floor and the wall, close to the corner of the dock should draw a line on the plinth striper.In every corner of the two sides should do the same operation.Thereafter, the piece to be cut the desired length, and then to make markings on the end of the rail.The upper corner of the stick, which is resting on the opposing wall is the top point and the bottom line will serve as a marking on the floor, running perpendicular to the baseboard layout.Cappings floor wide wooden handled the same way.After cutting surplus get a great corner joint.In this regard, very comfortable floor wide wooden plinth, the price is slightly higher than the narrow.Intermediate joints along the length to make it even easier.Sectioned at an angle of 45 degrees, making the joints are almost invisible.

mount baseboards can be done in different ways, it all depends on your choice.