The wash plastic windows?

windows must be clean, otherwise the house will not be bright and sunny.Windows should be washed often, as through a glass, which is not washed and a half months, the light penetrates 10% less.Windows not washed 4 months, have delayed until 40% of the light.Before you consider what wash windows, you need to say this: it is not necessary to carry out washing at a time when the glass is exposed to direct sunlight, as this may cause the appearance of bands that will be immediately visible.Glasses must first be cleaned from the inside.

If we consider what wash windows, it should be said that before the beginning of the process should be wiped everything dry with a soft cloth to remove dust.Otherwise, it can cause the appearance of micro-scratches, which later become quite noticeable.When washing windows should on the one hand to wipe them vertically, and on the other - horizontally.If you consider what is best to wash the windows of plastic, it is worth noting that their washing produce special aerosol an

d liquid detergents suitable for washing porcelain, crystal and mirrors.They are composed of alcohols with acids weaker properties surfactants as necessary in order to have such a tool reaction solution was neutral or slightly acidic, because the alkali result in the formation of a thin film on a glass surface, due to which it can become cloudy.

If we consider what wash windows, one can say that the glass, frames and window sills should be washed with warm water and soap or powder.It is not necessary to use for these purposes hot water, as this may cause the appearance of stains on the glass, as well as destruction of the surface of the plastic window.A solution of ammonia copes with pollution on the frames, windows and sills.Per liter of water requires a tablespoon of substance.

Talking about how to properly wash your windows, it is worth noting that sustainable glass gloss can be achieved if the water add starch.The same effect can be achieved by a mixture of kerosene to wash the glass with water.If the glass is dimmed, you can moisten them with vinegar, then rinse with warm water.From this they will get a special shine and will be transparent and clean.You can wipe them with a cloth that is moistened with linseed oil, and then polish with a dry cloth made of wool.Sustained the test of time and old tools - tooth powder and chalk, which are mild abrasive, unable to damage the glass.First, the glass cleaned with a damp soft cloth, and then apply the solution on them tooth powder or chalk with a cotton swab or cloth.When the composition is dry, it must be removed with a dry cloth that will remove dirt that has been present on the glass.

As you can see, there are many proven ways for a long time.In addition, you can use the modern means, manufactured by different manufacturers.Now you know what wash plastic windows.