Automatic air: the device and the appointment of

Virtually every water heating system, sooner or later begins the formation of gas accumulations in the pipes, which entails irregular work and the circulation of the coolant.In such a system arises increased noise and vibration.Moreover, if the boiler circulation pump intake in a gaseous substances can significantly reduce its lifetime.Taken together, this can lead to complete failure of the heating system and stop the normal circulation.In order to prevent this, in the construction of such systems use special automatic air vent.They withdrawn once formed in tubes outside air, and thus do not allow water to flow out.Thus, the device of these devices based on the principle of the valve.


By design, the automatic air vent (Flexvent including) is a mechanism of the float-type valve, which consists of a brass body.Inside, the instrument is placed with a special float spool.The latter is connected to bleed valve hinge means.Wherein the locking cap, serving as a fuse to prevent unauthorized leakage

of water in case of a failure of the entire device.Its functions Automatic air is optimally performed at temperatures from -10 to +120 degrees Celsius.And because it is in the boiling water in the gaseous substances formed, this temperature does not harm the vent device, which effectively removes the air from the pipes out.

automatic air:

principle of the algorithm of the present mechanism is as follows.When there is no air in the tube, the float is in the upper venting position, thus making it impossible to open the valve (otherwise the device will leak out of the water).Himself float is made from a lightweight polymer material, so when the system is formed accumulation of gas, it gradually descends, the air collecting in itself, and at the same time there is the opening of the valve.After the system has been eliminated from the desired amount of air is lifted back to the upper position and closes the outlet opening through which the gas flows.


mounted automatic air vent corner most upright in the uppermost points.It was under such an arrangement to the device gets the largest number of air (and, as we know, the gas is lighter than water, so it tends to evaporate up).Getting to the peak point, automatic air start to operate and display the excess accumulation of the system in the full amount.Such mechanisms are mounted on almost all industrial heating systems, heaters and boilers.However, it is worth noting that his presence is not a prerequisite for laying the heating system.