What is a household vacuum sealer, and what is it for?

Today virtually every supermarket you can see the products that are stored in a special plastic vacuum-packed.Thanks to this method, you can save them fresh, increase the shelf life by several times.However, to purchase such a device the strength not only large supermarket.Buy a home vacuum sealer can practically everyone, but what can this product - learn in today's article.

Variations There are several types of such devices, which depending on the design of the products can be packaged in special plastic bags or plastic containers.The first version of the package is more popular as the cost and the cost of such work is minimal.Products placed in a plastic bag, stored in eight times longer than those who are simply in a refrigerator or on a shelf in the supermarket.

What can be stored in these bags?

household vacuum sealer is able to "prolong life" absolutely all dairy products, which until the package has not been placed in a container, freshly harvested vegetables and berries.Thus, you can

not worry about the safety of, for example, berries, apricot and quietly put them in a fresh state in the freezer.As practice shows, home vacuum sealer allows you to store the berries collected in the country for several months without prior freezing.

What is it?

Externally, the device is a small plastic device with a comfortable curved handle (see. Photo 1).The average size of a vacuum packer, used for domestic purposes, are 30 x 15 x 10 centimeters.The maximum the weight not more than 1 kilogram.Because of this it is very convenient to use and can be stored almost anywhere.


As we said above, the household vacuum sealer products can significantly increase the shelf life of food.And, as for freshly picked fruit and berries in a plastic bag saved up all their original properties, flavor and freshness.After thawing of the product is a feeling that the fruit was foiled yesterday from a tree, despite the fact that the window is already winter.Stored in the freezer fruit and vegetables up to 3 years, which is almost similar to home preservation.However, unlike a method for placing a product in the package will not have anything to heat and boil.By pressing just one button vacuum sealer home quickly seal it in a plastic container.From you only need to pre-wash product (if it is fruits or vegetables).


Currently household vacuum sealer is an average of 3 to 4 thousand rubles.The value of industrial devices that are used for food packaging in supermarkets, can reach several tens of thousands of rubles.However, the performance of the Packers will be much greater.