How to make a gel ball at home with their own hands?

Balloons can decorate any birthday.Most people do not know how to make gel beads at home.However, this skill will be very useful, because you never know where useful "air toys."

every parent trying to make your child's birthday special.To do this, baked or bought a beautiful cake, prepare gifts, friends are invited.Like sometimes you want to decorate the room to match the celebration!But it is often the parents remember the day before the holiday, when the shops are closed and there is no possibility to buy even basic paper garlands.Here and useful knowledge about how to make gel beads at home.

options inflating balloons

There are several ways to decorate the house.The first thing you need to inflate the balloons.This can be done in three algorithms:

1. If you are interested in how to make gel ball at home, you do not reinvent the wheel, but to use a proven method - buy helium.It is sold in small bottles of special.For those who like to look for an alternative to want to clarify: there are ot

her ways.

2. Hydrogen.This chemical element is lighter than air.Therefore, if you pump them inflatable toy - it will soar to the ceiling.But where to get it?Let us remember the lessons of chemistry.A fairly simple reaction takes place if a tube with water and sodium chloride added copper sulfate and aluminum.For those who know the essence of this reaction is not difficult to answer the question of how to make gel beads.At home, it is possible.Although in this case, instead of helium will be used free hydrogen.So, for this experience, we need:

- syringe;

- plastic bottle with a lid;

- hose;

- copper wire or string;

- aluminum rod;

- copper sulfate;

- cooking salt;

- conventional sealant;

- balloon.The cover

We perform a couple of holes: for a syringe and a hose that we insert and fasten the sealant.Then on the other side of the hose insert the plug on the mounting location of the ball.To attach the syringe plunger copper wire joined by aluminum wire.This allows to adjust the position of the piston means of the reagent.Inside the bottle pour vitriol and table salt, pour a mixture of water and wait for complete dissolution.On the cork we put a ball and cover with lid bottle.Thus we omit aluminum wire inside.As a result of these actions will be a reaction and the ball will start to inflate.

Make sure that the bottle is not too hot: put it in a basin of cold water.

Now you know how to make gel beads without helium.Another plus of the gas inside the inflatable toys - the ability to make a fire show.If you poke the ball into the fire, it will flash.

3. For those who want to go the easiest way available components to answer the question of how to make gel beads.At home, it can be done with soda and vinegar.Violent reaction of these two substances - it is no secret.To do this, do the following:

- inside the bulb sprinkle two teaspoons of baking soda;

- need to pour into a bottle glass of vinegar (about 200 grams);

- continue to put on the ball directly on top of a bottle of soda and pour in;

- as a result of the resulting effervescent masses will stand out and fill the gas balloon.