The size of gypsum board - an important factor in the repair

The material for repair and finish, has appeared recently, but has already won an honorable place among the finishing materials.It has the reliability and practicality, all at a low cost and easy installation.The size of gypsum board can be quite varied, depending on the manufacturer.And the material is used everywhere: in the decoration of walls, ceilings, as the basis for floor finishes, as well as to create partitions between rooms.The latter is very advantageous because of its properties: a low sound transmission, ease of installation, low price.

sheet of drywall is ideal as insulation for the home.If the apartment in the winter freeze wall, it is simply necessary for their insulation.And if the size and the gypsum board is large, so the sheet can easily align the wall.When vyplnenii this work used a trick: a specially indented material from the wall, with the result that there appears a space that can score with cotton or any other insulation, and even a method to reduce the permeability of the

wall of sound.

So, before the wall insulation is necessary to buy all the materials.It takes galvanized metal profiles, various screws, insulation and drywall itself.The first step is to make the frame of metal profiles, and then attach it to the wall.Advance under him cook some lining to the frame does not touch the plaster.The next step - installing insulation.The size of gypsum board in this case should be the same (as the installation is easier).It should be noted that the levels of insulation and the frame should be the same (that one did not go after the other).Now it is possible to undertake the installation of the drywall.Attach it must be self-tapping screws in the top and bottom corner.If the size of gypsum board is too large, it needs to be trimmed.After installation, the material must be attached serpyannuyu grid and start putty walls.This performs insulation walls plasterboard.And what are the views of this material are?

There are 4 types of gypsum board:

- Common sheet.Simple, gray and nondescript.

- insensitive to humidity sheet having in its composition special substances that resist the absorption of moisture.It is specially processed and impervious to bacteria and fungi.

- Fire-resistant gypsum board.Wanted in non-residential premises, such as in the workplace.Usually the size of gypsum board in this case it is better to pick up a little more.With this imetariala do very well on the slopes of plastic windows.Plastic is very harmful and fire releases toxic substances, while the slope of the safe and fire-resistant drywall.

- There are still multilist, mixed, or as they call it, the sandwich panel.This panel is a sheet of drywall with insulation glued to it.It is an excellent solution for wall insulation.

What type of material used - choose only the owner, but it is necessary to consult with knowledgeable people or professionals, and only then begin the selection and installation of drywall.