Quick renovated bathroom plastic panels

Bathroom for any type of finish - extreme environment, so it should withstand the humidity and temperature differences.No problem with the task handled materials containing PVC.In addition, renovated bathroom plastic panels - a quality economical option of finishing.These materials are perfectly suited for the walls and ceiling, and their installation is so simple that does not require special training and practice.

Working with finishing plastic need a jigsaw or saw for metal, knife, staple gun and staples to him, small studs, hammer, screwdriver, screws guiding rails and the panels themselves.

trim plastic panels involves several steps:

  • 1. carcass.To do this, you can take the wooden slats or metal profile, however, to collect a frame made of wooden slats is much easier and faster, and they are long enough, despite the high humidity in the bathroom.Racks attached to the surface around the perimeter of the panels and perpendicular to the future half meter distance to the wall or ceiling of thirty
    centimeters.Places where they will be placed shelves and fixtures, reinforced with additional rails.After all the slats are attached, comes the turn of a special starting corner.

2. Installation of the panels.The first panel factory in the slot area and a stapler or fixed with screws.Stapler renovated bathroom plastic panels will be much easier, and the work will go faster, because then she would lie in the fact that the panel is inserted into grooves of the previous one and is attached to the Rack-frame.The height of the panels to fit the height of the room, all the excess is cut off saw or jigsaw.

3. The ceiling panels are mounted on the same principle as that on the walls.The first panel factory in the starting area, and attached to it, all subsequent infest the slots and also are attached to the frame.

Pros and cons of plastic trim

bathroom Repair of bathroom plastic panels, as well as any other material, it has its drawbacks and advantages.

Perhaps the main drawback of such a finish is her beaten and minimal opportunities to create the interior, not to mention the unique design ideas.

But the benefits of this material is more than enough.The panels are indifferent to moisture, abrasion resistant, easy to care for them, they are reliable, easy to install yourself.In addition, the panels come in a variety of colors and shades.And - most importantly - a budget bathroom renovation that can afford any host.

Summarizing, we can say that PVC panels - a remarkable material, affordable, easy to install, and follow-up care.In case of any damage of the components can be easily replaced.This finish is ideal for walls and ceilings, but on the floor in any case have used the tile.Repair of the bathroom plastic panels - an affordable way to refresh a room, make it beautiful and attractive.