Insulation for a bath: features selection and use

Bath - this structure, the design of which has its own characteristics.It should be installed away from other buildings.Often, the owners of these buildings have to warm them for a long time, thus it spent a lot of energy.In order that the temperature quickly recruited and held for a long time, you should use a heater for the bath, which will give a couple to leave the building through the walls.

First, select the appropriate material.You can insulate the walls both inside and out.The choice of material depends on what is built from your bathroom.For example, if it is built of logs, the insulation will have to caulk between the elements.For other options, you can use the basaltic material or glass.Insulation for a bath must meet certain requirements:

- be environmentally friendly;

- have a good density and thickness, so that over time its quality is not worsened;

- be resistant to high temperatures and moisture.

Based on these requirements, often to ensure the tightness of the walls used a mate

rial made on the basis of peat, reeds and wood waste.Equally popular are plastic insulation and mineral wool.The outer side wall may be any material that will not be exposed to the environment.

Today demand is mezhventsovogo insulation for the bath.It is based on natural materials: felt, jute and lnovatina.It has elasticity, density, the required thickness, it can easily be cut into strips of desired size.Furthermore, it is entirely natural.The only drawback is the fragility of the material presented and high stiffness, but can be easily compensated by the addition of flax fibers.

presented heater for the bath is very effective.It is very resistant to mold and mildew, so it can be used even in a wet environment.After use of this material you will not need to re-caulk the wall.It is produced in the form of a tape of defined dimensions, as well as in rolls.

also very often used for bath basalt insulation.It is convenient because it provides good insulation is a safe, durable.The material not only keeps the heat inside the bath, but also protects against excessive sound, no burning, resistant to high temperatures.Also presented for the bath heater is not afraid of water, because it does not absorb it, so is the perfect option for such structures.Naturally, it prevents the formation of mold and mildew.Insulation is made of rock and is sold in the form of elastic plates.When this material is very resistant to deformation.You can mount it on their own, and the process is not difficult.

Choosing insulation for the bath is your personal decision, however, should take into account the dimensions of buildings, its purpose, features and meet certain requirements.