The mirrors in the interior

It used mirrors was performed only one function - to show us our reflection.They were lying in a purse or hung on the walls in the hallways.Now the designers call a mirror in the interior of the trend, a new way to look at the familiar space.Of course, in the process of registration of the house is better to contact the professionals.After all, a mirror in the interior capable of many things: change the spatial contour to hide the flaws of a particular room, highlight the existing advantages, to decorate the walls, and so on.And where is their place - your decision.Suitable and entrance hall, and kitchen and a bedroom and living room, and even a toilet.So, it is worth more to understand what are the principles of how and where to use the mirror in the interior.


At all times, in every hallway you could see the mirror.And now, as mentioned above, it performs not only a practical function as an interior.With it easy to expand too cramped space.For this you need a mirror on the ceiling to the

floor.If your hallway is narrow and dark, you can place these items outside of the interior fixtures.Very often, entering the house, you can see the wardrobe.And, as a rule, it mirrored doors.It is best to combine this material with frosted glass.Mirrors in an interior hallway - just the thing necessary and irreplaceable.


owners of apartments and houses go to great lengths just to gloss over them, make them stylish and trendy.In the living room mirror will not perform any practical function.It is, or decorate the walls, or select one of them.An excellent choice - to expand the space using false windows made of mirrors.It is usually decorated with curtains.Using this technique, you will achieve the effect of a cozy gazebo in the garden or terrace.Also note that a mirror placed in the same space should be at least roughly similar to one another in size and shape.If they hang on to a blank wall instead of the banal frames with photos, your Interior only benefit from this.Mirror in the room, called the living room, is placed after consultation with the designer.


course, a mirror in the closet in the room looks more than usual.But this should not limit your imagination.If the mirror in a luxurious frame to hang over the head of the bed, turn out very effectively.And how can you forget about the recent trend?This is a mirrored ceiling.On the one hand, it helps to raise it visually.But the correctness of such a decision can be challenged, because the other side - it splits a single space.It is best to use now glossy stretch ceilings, which are pretty high, but if you want a mirror wall is made.Of course, usually so bold experiments prefer to put a woman.


Today it is possible to use in the interior mirror a variety of sizes and shapes.You can easily select a frame in the color of curtains or furniture.Now the fashion frame of cloth or wood.And some prefer to simply mirror with treated edge.It all depends on the overall style of your interior.And the mirror itself may not be simple, and the aged, stained, or having a golden hue blasting pattern.Framed for it you can even make yourself, for example, dressed in her knitting bag or decorate with watercolors.

mirrors in the interior - it is an inexpensive way to change the familiar surroundings, creating any sort of atmosphere.So the next time you start doing repairs or just want to update something, think about this simple technique.Results are able to impress not only you and your household, but also the guests.