Feed cutter with your hands: the drawings and instructions

If you have a home cattle and sheep on the farm, you will certainly come in handy Feed cutter, with his hands it can be made quite easily.

Technology of work

In order to produce Feed cutter, you need to prepare a bucket, the volume of which is approximately 8 liters.He will need to fight off the shackle and cut the bottom, using a chisel.It should be taken slit width should not exceed 1 cm, this figure will depend on what value is assumed to receive the product outlet.Locate the holes should be staggered.Using a punch can bend data slots so that the lower part thereof was flat, while the upper - widened.This will be a notch for cutting vegetables.

Recommendations for work

When Feed cutter is made with their own hands, the bucket will need to cut around both ends of metal strips, which is fixed by means of rivets.Data of the strip should be attached by welding one strip each of which must have holes.Their diameter must be equal to 10 millimeters, they are necessary in order to smuggle them t

hrough the metal bars.You will need to go around the edge of the bucket, which will strengthen the structure.If

Feed cutter is made with their own hands, the next step is to bend the handle, put on their direct bearing housing ends.

Final work

The last stage will need to make a wooden stand, this can be considered that the Feed cutter ready.As this element can act as an oversized table, the front part of which must be strengthened by 5 cm lower than the back, it is necessary to feed more easily fall out after grinding.On the table you need to put a box, which is useful for packing vegetables in it, whereas under the Feed cutter tray is set and the trough, which will need to bring to any dish.

method of rotation of the handle you use Feed cutter in a box, while cutting will accumulate in the center of the bucket.For the reason that it has the shape of a cone, the feed will go to the front of and after the tray.In the last phase feed can be moved to the outstretched dishes.When Feed cutter manufactured by the hands, care must be taken that the walls of the box are mounted at an angle of 35 degrees with respect to the middle of the bucket.If the implementation of cutting vegetables will clamp the bucket, it is quite difficult to scroll.Thus it is necessary to increase the angle of inclination of the drawer arrangement, whereas if the roots are cut poorly, then it, in contrast, need to be reduced.

alternative manufacturing Feed cutter

Homemade Feed cutter can be made on the basis of the electric motor.To carry out the work necessary to prepare a large steel tank that can be homemade or purchased.If you intend to make this design your own, you will need to find a galvanized steel sheet with a thickness equal to 1 millimeter.The height of the workpiece can be equal to 350-600 millimeters.For the reason that the material is thin enough rigidity to be increased by folding the edges of the barrel with a rubber tube, which serves as a border.

If you will be manufactured Feed cutter with his hands, before working drawings should be considered very carefully.At the bottom of the housing must be welded or installed using screws metal bottom which is made of steel with a thickness equal to 5 mm.Pre-need to make a hole for installation of an electric motor shaft and fix the stand.An electric motor is preferred to use a single phase, it can be borrowed from the old washing machine.

Recommendations made by the manufacturing Feed cutter

If you will run Feed cutter with his hands in the washing machine, the outlet for finished feed may be cut at the point where the bottom of the dock and the side wall.On hinges below need to strengthen the tray that will be in the form box.To construct was sustained, it is necessary to provide four inclined legs which are fabricated using metal tubes.They need to be welded to the bottom of the tank and mounting rails that can be made of pieces cut from a pipe.

Features manufacture additional elements Feed cutter

The most important part of the design - Feed cutter knives, with his own hands this component can be produced.There should be two, they are based on a two-handed saw blade, can be used popliteal metal strip whose thickness must be equal to 1 millimeter.Located underneath the knife should have a sharp edge, curved-type propeller.As its main purpose appears tossing stems that have nedorublennymi.After that, the food gets to the upper knife.Surface of the knife should be well sharpened and have a cutting edge, the ends of which is preferable to bend down, so they will be better to cut.

Homemade Feed cutter with his hands fulfilled technology, which involves assembly of knives, these works do not represent special complexity, will need to prepare in advance on a lathe metal parts hub.The latter, together with key will need to put on the motor shaft.

Running design and features of the

When homemade Feed cutter is ready, it can be switched on the engine and close the valve.Root vegetables and herbs, as well as a minor portion of the stems need to be cast into the inlet, which is located in the lid.Rotating blades pretty soon transform mass into a homogeneous mixture.Depending on what should be the degree of grinding, you need to keep the food inside the hopper.The average for the finished feed must be about 6 seconds.If the roots are large enough, the time required is five times greater.After the work was completed, the flap should be open and the motor is running to release a lot of the inlet.
Feed cutter with your hands when the washing machine is made, it is necessary to ensure the safety of work on the tank of the need to mount a conical lid, which should be pierced.To do this, preferred to use galvanized roofing iron.To cover is not dangerous, it can protect the rubber tube, which should be cut lengthwise.