Shellers own hands: drawings, photos

If you own livestock farm, the excellent know how useful Crusher for grain.With the help of this equipment can be quickly replenish supplies for poultry and rabbits, to prepare a combined composition for cattle.Find inexpensive Corn-crusher on the market of the relevant products is difficult.For this reason, scourer their hands may be produced.

Making Corn-crusher from an old vacuum cleaner

shellers own hands may be made from an old vacuum cleaner, so it is not necessary to get rid of old appliances.It is possible to borrow a motor.Among other things, it will be necessary to use the veneer whose thickness is 10 millimeters.You will need a metal plate, which will perform the task of the knife.Working chamber will be made of steel strip.Will you need to stock up on wooden pegs, as well as nuts and washers.Need sleeve and the hopper, and the damper are necessary to feed grain.

Features of work

shellers his hands shall be made on the technology, which involves the training base.For this purpose

, veneer sheet should be used, from which is cut out, and then cut square whose side has to be equal to 300 millimeters.Over it should fix the working electric motor borrowed from the vacuum cleaner.Thus it is necessary to arrange the lower portion so as to protrude by 40 mm.

Manufacturing knife equipment

shellers with their hands must be made with the use of a knife, which should be rotated at high speed, due to what will be grinding grain, this element must be performed separately.To do this would be to use a steel plate, which must have dimensions 15x200 mm, while the thickness must be equal to 1.5 m. Materials preferable to choose the most strong.In addition, you can use the car holders or other items that can be borrowed from household appliances.To grind a knife blade follows to this both edges are to be processed in the direction of the axis of rotation.When scourer made for the house with their hands, you can experiment with form, giving views of the propeller blade, or beveling corners.With Emery can adjust the plate horizontally and vertically.Once in the central part of the working surface of the blade is necessary to make holes in diameter, suitable for a vacuum cleaner motor shaft.Fastening the knife must be done on the threaded tail, using the sleeve, two washers and a nut.

Making the working chamber and the hopper

When made scourer for the house with their own hands, you will need to perform the camera for which you want to apply a steel strip, its length must be equal to 700 mm, with about 10 mm is required for mounting,while the width should be more than 60 mm.Steel billet to roll into the ring and the edge outer side of the bend in the perimeter of the camera.Obtained flange width should be no more than 10 millimeters, which is needed for fixing to the base and for mounting the screen.

scourer When executed with their hands, the drawings which you can prepare yourself, you need to firmly secure the grinder to the lower side of the camera will need to install the fonts that will be needed in the amount of three pieces.Remove them from each other should be at an equal distance.

Manufacturing sieve

Before shellers do with their hands, you need to think about what would be a sieve.It can have any diameter holes.The parameters of this element will depend on what kind of result you want to obtain.Thus, for the production of flour required fine mesh to obtain a coarse cell must be larger.The grain will be supplied to the working chamber of the bunker, which is fixed on the ground.It must be equipped with small hole, and the valve configured as a plate.With the latter it will be possible to adjust the supply of raw materials.Corn shellers own hands must be equipped with the capacity to be installed under the screen.It will be designed to collect the finished product, this can be used to pan or bucket.

Production by type crusher mill

shellers (with their hands), a photo that is presented in the article may be in the form of the mill.For this purpose it will be necessary to prepare a stator and rotor that will work on the principle of the millstones.As supports for this equipment will perform box, which will be mounted low power the electric motor.Be sure to use a single-phase unit, you can use the one that converted from a three-phase.

Features improvised mill

housing equipment is a box made of metal, the thickness of the latter should be equal to 5 millimeters.From the material will need to form a body in the form of a cylinder whose diameter is 300 millimeters.The lower part will need to be equipped with the stator, while the top of the equipment should be located cover.Inside the housing, a motor disposed therein and a mill, which is fixed in such a way that the bearing shaft is advanced on the device on it, in turn, is mounted a rotor.Spinning, he will reach a speed of 3,000 revolutions per minute.Bunker need to strengthen the top of the housing using the screws through it and will be the supply of grain.

In order to more convenient to use the equipment, you need to install the damper, which will regulate the consumption of raw materials.It will take, and the sleeve, which will act as the boot, it must be made from canvas material.Through this element will yield.Do not forget that must be done holes for feeding and subsequent extraction of the finished grain.

Properties manufacturing the stator

stator to be produced with the use of sheet metal whose thickness is 2 millimeters, while the width is equivalent to 50 millimeters.The metal strip to bend in a circle and put into a form for filling, closing one end with aluminum, to get a bowl.Its thickness should be equal to 4 millimeters.In the next step the details given ribbing.For this to be cut a few corners, and then welded to the inner side of the stator.