A few simple ways on how to sew an apron (Grade 5)

Learn needlework is never too late and never too early.Perhaps because of these reasons girls in school in the classroom work taught the basics of cooking, knitting, embroidery, and, of course, sewing.In this article we will discuss how to sew an apron (Grade 5).

Method 1. Simple parts

Post story better with the simplest options.So, what you need to know, figuring how to sew an apron?Grade 5 - this is a time code girls are not too good command of any skill, so the pattern of products should be as simple as possible.For this method requires two main parts: one - square (this will place a breast), the second - a rectangular (otrez waist).Also need two long narrow strips - one will dress to the neck (harness), the second - a waist apron.So, better to start work from the top - of the chest.It is necessary to cut out a square or rectangle of fabric, wrap it on all sides, empty lines.Next you need to calculate the length of that part of the apron, which is worn around the neck, cut the fabric, folded in

half, by bending the edges of the fabric inside.You also need an adapter to the line along this part.The next and final phase of work on the upper part - the connection of two prefabricated parts.To do this, you need to attach to the harness of the chest and stitched a few lines.Now you're ready for more, the main part.There is also need to cut out a rectangle of fabric the desired length.As for the width, it can be different, because the apron is in storage (the larger the width of the fabric, the more elaborate the apron is in the final form).Come on, figuring how to sew an apron (Grade 5).Now you need to create or warehouses to make the assembly (optional).Warehouses should be secured with pins (they can be counter or sequence).To make the assembly, you just need to put the machine on the widest line and pulling the lower thread, the fabric is gathered to the desired width.Fully preparing the lower part of the apron to do the belt.He did that on the basis of the harness around his neck: you need a piece of cloth that peregnetsya strictly in half, the ends are wrapped inside, on the machine stitch all entrenched.All the items are ready, you can generate an apron.To this end, the upper and lower parts you need to seal using belt, dropping a line over the top, steal - on the bottom.Apron is ready!

Method 2 Solid

There is one pretty easy way how to sew an apron (Grade 5).However, in this embodiment, the product will not seaming, and an integral, one piece of fabric.To do this will need to prepare a rather large piece of fabric, oblique Bakey, which will form the edges, as well as harness and ribbon-ties.


However, before you start sewing, you need to prepare a pattern.You can do this in several ways.The first and most simple: as the pattern can serve as a ready-beloved mother's apron, he should be the principle and cut the fabric.However, experienced seamstresses will say that it is wrong.We need to understand how to properly and in accordance with all the rules to sew an apron.Pattern in this case must be created manually, according to certain calculations.For example, the width of the skirt is approximately 50 cm, length - 55. The upper part of the chest space (length) - 20 cm, the bottom - 35 cm. Also, it will be necessary to make a smooth transition from the chest to the main parts, semi-oval hand loomed.That's all calculations.And to the apron in the end turned out to be symmetric product is to be cut out along the folded form.


So, what else is needed to get an apron?Sew their own hands or buy must also be oblique Bakey.To prepare it yourself, you need to cut a strip of cloth on the bias necessarily, fold it in half lengthwise by bending inward at the ends (so it will be much more beautiful).Since the whole product, bias binding should be enough.First, sheathe its sides and bottom apron (bias binding as it is put on the cloth oblegaya its edge) comes first basting, only then embarks on a typewriter line.The second approach: sheathed upper part of the apron.Here it is necessary to calculate the length of the piping, taking into account the ties on both sides, as well as the harness around his neck.All sewn one line like a circle.A simple apron ready!


It is worth thinking about how you can decorate apron.So, for this you can make your pocket or just dress up the product lace.To create a pocket, you just have to cut the cloth desired shape (pocket can be square, semi-circular, rectangular, and so on. D.), Tuck the edges (top, or you can tuck inside or decorate the same bias binding).Sew a pocket on the front of the product.That's all done!Lace it is possible to put on the bottom of the product, as well as on the pocket, just sew them stitching.

Simple rules

Wanting to sew an apron, it is worth remembering a few simple rules:

  1. If you want to sew an apron (white, green or red), the thread can be matched in tone or a contrasting color is allowed.
  2. All the edges of the product is required overlochivat (you can not do, if the edge is completely wrapped inside).
  3. If the bias binding is done manually, it is necessary to Sew an angle rather than straight on.
  4. after handling the product necessarily proutyuzhivaetsya.