Furnace-stove for questioning: what is it?

Dacha - the dream of many of our compatriots.They dream of this country house, which would be able to comfortably relax and forget about the hardships of work.As a rule, a country house is intended to visit him only in the warm season, but there are some exceptions.

Cancellation trips to nature in a beautiful autumn day?And what to do when the night temperature drops below normal, and the house gets cold?In fact, do not go well because of this home at night looking!

Out - stove for questioning.Although a obsolescence of heating "device", the prospects it has to this day.Especially when you take into account the fact that the stove is strongly modified and what few are like the prototypes that we remember from the films about the war.


you think that burzhuek no benefits?Then you are very wrong!Start with the fact that such a furnace does not occupy much space under it does not need to fill solid foundation, spending a lot of money.Many current models have a comfortable cast-iron hotplate

on which to cook or reheat food.In short, the decision to give optimum!

steel or cast iron?

If you need a stove to give, you need to know about the materials from which they are now doing.Of course, most manufacturers use common steel.It is cheap and relatively easy.

Unfortunately, there is her and disadvantages.It burns quickly enough and did not keep warm.This oven is constantly in need of fuel, otherwise a couple of hours after the last burning logs you feel cold.

contrast, iron is heavy, and its cost is much higher.But it burns fuel longer, and an accumulation of heat should not be forgotten.Unfortunately, the average size of the stove to give iron weighs a lot, so tighten the attic flimsy country house is not worth trying.

But if you intend to use the stove in any way often, it is better to choose the cast.Furthermore, such a heater in a fuel can be used even coal.

What else?

Oddly enough, but our customers are generally very strange ideas about this type of furnaces.For example, they even can not imagine that a modern stove to testify may be interfaced with the contour of water heating.So if you want, you can not just heat a little room, but also to organize a full-fledged heating rather large country house.

aesthetic side of things

general, returning to the beginning of our story, once again I would like to note that the modern iron furnace stoves to testify may look like works of art.

Openwork molding, beautiful stained glass windows on the heat-resistant glass door, and the overall impression of the living fire roaring behind her create a unique warmth and charm.You agree that a banal central heating you this is not exactly reach.

Before installing burzhujku the country, make sure you have a normal chimney.The fact is that because of its short length and proximity to the furnace it is very hot.Accordingly, it is necessary to ensure its proper insulation in fire protection purposes.