Air heating private house with his own hands .Air heating private house : installation instructions

Choosing the right heating system - an important stage in the construction and arrangement of a private home.Solid and liquid fuel assemblies gradually fade into the background.The widespread popularity of gaining air heating private houses, with their hands can hold it almost any owner of the suburban housing.To learn how to do it, this article will tell.

Air heating - what is it?

This method of heating is a kind of heat regulation system in which the heated or cooled air gets into the room.Air heating of a country house with their hands can do almost every important - to understand the principle of operation of the system and its structure.It includes:

  1. branched channels Duct.They provide airflow access to the premises.
  2. Water heater or heat source.It heats the air.
  3. distribution head fan.They direct air masses inside the building in the right direction.

The principle of

Teplogenerator usually incorporates a combustion chamber, burner and heater.From below, from the fan, cold air enters t

he heat exchanger.The fuel which is burned in the combustion chamber, releases energy.Due to the heat exchanger it is heated, and thus the temperature, which was in it rises.Next warmed stream enters the air duct and sent to the room.Heat can be of different types, some work on the main or liquefied gas balloon, the other - on diesel fuel.The burner, thanks to its versatility, can burn any substance.In all, even the standard heater, the burner can be replaced.Together with her and the whole mounted summing system.All the exhaust gases leaving the chimney.

air heating system involves the use of a private house Duct one of two types: round or square.The former have a minimum aerodynamic drag, the diameter of 10-20 cm. Square or rectangular air duct made in the form of boxes.The most frequently used parts area of ​​10 * 15 or 32 * 40 cm. Such venting is easier to install and take up less space.

Advantages and disadvantages of air heating

air heating system of a private house has both pluses and minuses.The advantages include the following characteristics:

- a high level of efficiency (90%);

- no additional hardware - radiators and pipes;

- a comfortable environment in a heated room;

- quick response system allows you to quickly heat the house or lowering the temperature, if necessary;

- fans can be used in conjunction with furnaces for solid fuels, it allows you to heat all the rooms in the house;

- air purification from allergens and other harmful substances through the filter;

- the ability to connect the system with a humidifier;

- in the summer season by an additional traction is possible to cool the room.

Air heating private houses, disadvantages which will be discussed below, is not a perfect system.She has serious drawbacks:

- this type of heating should lay at the beginning of the construction of the house;

- the complexity of the installation;

- Duct sizing calculations before laying;

- air heating requires constant maintenance;

- to modernize the system in operation is very difficult;

- air heating requires an additional filtration and humidification;

- in the event of disruptions in the supply of electricity need to have a backup power source.

Types of air heating

To mount air heating private house with his own hands, should understand the methods of installation.These systems are based on two schemes:

- compulsory;

- gravity.

first scheme assumes that the system fan.It creates the necessary pressure and hot air heat source moves to the vent.Its location is generally the same regardless of the type of the system - it is located below the heater.The air that hits the fan, already pre-cleaned from dust, dirt and germs.Back he comes back through the air vent grille or the reverse.

Air heating private house with his own hands made of natural or gravitational scheme operates by varying the density of the air.The main advantage of this system is that it is practically independent of the electricity supply.But the circulation of heated air masses can be easily broken in the usual draft.The working part of the room is cooled and predpotolochnaya contrary, overheats.

Features co-current heating system

Air heating private house with his own hands is often done using a co-current heating system.The principle of operation is as follows.Air is forced through the fan coil channels and enters the room.He gives off heat, assimilates allergens and microbes and leaves through the back shaft.This system is recognized as the most hygienic and safe, but at the same time it has its drawbacks.The main disadvantage of the continuous-flow heater - large heat losses.

heat recycling system.Nuances

Such a system is characterized as a high-efficiency heating system.The air is heated in a heater and sent to the ventilation channels in the room.Then it is cooled, it compensates for heat loss and comes back.Then the air is heated again and the process repeats.Of course, this system is the least hygienic, since harmful substances get into the room again.Recycling is provided where ventilation is, as such, is not necessary.

Design and calculation of air heating systems

To install air heating with their own hands, the calculation scheme, the device which must be taken into account during installation, some training is required.Once you have decided to establish such a system, it is necessary to make the preliminary draft.It is imperative to calculate the following indicators:

- flow rate of the heated air;

- enough power to heat generator to heat the room to the desired temperature;

- Duct diameter;

- aerodynamic characteristics;

- the amount of heat loss in the ceiling, walls and floor.

Air heating private houses, the circuit which will take into account all the elements must be coordinated with the experts.They help to perform the necessary calculations.Referring to a special service, you will be able to avoid the draft in the room, noise and vibration in the house, as well as overheating of the heat generator.

place of installation is best to think in advance, some general recommendations on the matter does not exist.

Choosing heat source

Unfortunately, not everyone prefers to mount air heating private house.The cost of the device depends on the choice of the heat source.They are of two types:

- mobile;

- stationary.

Mobile Gas heat generators - a very bulky installation.Most often, they are used in industrial facilities.Let us consider in more detail the stationary equipment.These heat generators have a closed combustion chamber.They are placed in pre-arranged places dymootvedeniya system.Stationary heat generators are available as floor or suspended equipment.The latter is also called heaters.They are designed to heat a room.The most common heater used in country cottages and country houses, because it can within hours to warm the room.

Suspended heat source does not take up much space and very quiet running.Position housing made of materials with low thermal conductivity, so it is safe to operate.

Floor Generator - a volumetric unit.He is able to heat a house fully connected through the exhaust vent.

Mounting Hardware

Air heating private country house with his own hands made, provides for the following equipment:

- Duct;

- heat source;

- fan;

- grilles;

- hoses for air intake outside.

installation instructions

air heating is installed with your hands (diagram of the device discussed above) in several stages:

  1. Installation of the boiler and heat exchanger.
  2. Installing the fan.
  3. layout, installation Duct.
  4. Warming reverse and feed channels.
  5. Create a hole in the wall of the house to the air intake and the installation sleeve.

Air heating private house (reviews confirm this) begin with the installation of the boiler.It is usually mounted in the basement.Connect the boiler to a gas pipeline alone is strictly prohibited, be sure to call a specialist.The chimney can be made of sheet steel.The upper part of the heat exchanger is connected to the supply venting, and a combustion chamber mounted fan.From the outside it is fed to the return pipe.The first step is made.

process begins with the wiring connection to the supply line channel flexible Duct.Typically, they are made with a circular section.Next, reverse assemble Breather, it usually has a larger diameter, but the output from this channel is less than the supply.

to his sleeve did not form a condensate, it should be warm.Further, the throttle pipe is installed, by which the process of adjusting the amount of available fresh air.Once the system is installed, you can hide all pipes and wires, gypsum board boxes for better aesthetics.

reviews and recommendations

In recent years, many self-mounted air heating private house.Reviews owners of such systems is often positive.Many people are satisfied with the effectiveness of this type of heating, according to them, the whole house heating is much faster than when using conventional radiators or batteries.

Professionals recommend to consult specialists for assistance in the calculations, and as for the installation, then you can make it yourself.Some of the advice of experienced craftsmen:

- for connection of distribution Duct is better to take the aluminum reinforced adhesive tape;

- to attach the tube to the ceiling, use clamps;

- feed vent must be as close as possible to the floor;

- if the house has air conditioning, then be sure to insulate all the pipes in order to avoid settling of moisture vapor;

- in the case of hoses for air intake with a large number of bends or unequal length is better to use an additional flap;

- inserted some additional cleaning filters in air heating private houses, system costs will be higher;

- for room cooling can be set further evaporation unit air conditioner.

for the equipment for the house you have to pay around 200000-250000 rubles.If the system to be installed, you can save about 100,000 rubles.

Air heating - a new way of heating houses and country cottages.The high level of efficiency and the ability to self-assembly make the system more popular.