Tomato Boney-MM: reviews, description of the variety and growing

Spring - time to Tomato.With the first serene days of every woman gets cherished bags tiny seed and start sculpting your future harvest.Of course, much depends on how easily hand putting tiny seeds into the soil.However, no one would argue that in fact the value of the crop is directly dependent on the proper selection of seeds.In addition to any summer residents want to eat fresh tomatoes with at least the middle of summer, and at best - before the onset of winter.Tomato Boney-MM, reviews of which they offered this sort of almost a tomato on a pedestal of glory, appeared on the market recently, but has already managed to win the whole army of fans.What then are the characteristics of the class?This is what we try to tell right now.

Description Tomato varieties

Boney-MM ("Gavrish") as external characteristics a little different from their closest relatives.A distinctive feature of this plant is a small shrub height.Imagine that the maximum "growth" of tomato is only 45 cm!Nevertheless, the size of

leaves and thick stems of this plant make it possible to ensure normal fruit ripening and maturation, as they say, on the vine.

Tomato Boney-MM (reviews, photos you can see below) have a strong and slightly branched shrub that can be grown without the use of its different kinds of supports or garter.The plants of this variety are the determinant, ie, with limited growth.This eliminates the need to carry out pasynkovanie or regulate the growth of new branches and shoots.

himself tomato Boney-MM, or rather, the fruit has a bright red color, the shape of his ploskookrugloy, slaborebristaya.Maximum weight of one tomato is about 100 grams, but in most cases, gardeners harvested tomatoes medium size - not more than '80 Flesh fetuses dense, juicy, small seed chambers.

Features grades

To begin with, I would say that the varieties of tomatoes Boney-MM is designed to grow not only under a foil cover, but in the open field.The period of their maturation is only 85 days after germination.That is why culture is growing with the seedling has time to give much of the harvest before the storm will appear on the site all the tomatoes - phytophthora.

Tomato Boney-MM, according to many gardeners, can be planted directly into the ground since mid-May.In this case, the crop can be obtained by the beginning of August, when the other tomatoes are just starting to "gain weight".Note that all this can be achieved without a greenhouse or a foil tunnel!Also, this variety is suitable for growing in containers on balconies.

seedlings Sow: sowing

When to sow tomato seedlings Boni-MM?Reviews of this grade is said that the specific dates depend on how early the gardener wants to get the first ripe fruit.To start a massive collection of ripe tomatoes in early June, planting need to be made in early March.For the northern regions of Russia is more appropriate planting seedlings of tomato in the last third of March, followed by planting young plants under the membrane cover.

Incidentally, tomato Boney-MM, the disclosure of which has been described above, can be grown nonseedlings way, that is the direct sowing of seeds into the soil.Do it best in a period when there is no risk of return of frost and the soil is well warmed up enough.Age of seedlings at the time of landing in the ground must be at least 30 days.A pick

Despite the rapid growth and early fruiting preparedness, tomato Boney-MM, the photo of which you probably have considered in sufficient detail needs swordplay.The fact that it is a process that helps stimulate the growth of more mass of roots.Because of this, and there is a strengthening of plant nutrition.

Spend picks after the appearance of the first true leaves of seedlings.Many gardeners find that damage the roots can harm tomatoes, but this is not true.It is proved that the shortening of the central root stimulates the formation of a plurality of lateral root sprouting.Therefore, the need to carefully swordplay prischipnut longest spine by about a third.For better rooting plants roots can be powdered any rooting stimulator, such as drug "Kornevin."

After picking particular attention should be paid to lighting, temperature and humidity both indoors and in the soil.The lack of light, like a surplus of moisture, can trigger pulling seedlings.Higher temperatures also have a negative impact on the growth of tomatoes.

Choosing a place for planting tomatoes Boney-MM

So, let's move to the selection of landing sites.Where in the area to place the tomato Boney-MM?Reviews gardeners as the approval of scientists say that the culture needs sunlight throughout the day.Therefore, it is not necessary to build a bed for her on the north side of buildings or near tall plants.The place should be open not only to the sun, but the air flow.

The soil should be loose and moisture capacity, contain all the necessary nutrients.The organics were clean (dung and crop residues) for tomatoes lay not recommended.It is best to carry out refueling of soil organic matter in the previous planting season.

Care tomato varieties Boney-MM

tomato varieties Boney-MM, reviews of which testify to its early entry into fruition, it needs thorough attention.In the first week after transplanting into the soil it is recommended to keep the soil moist.This will allow the roots of the plants take root quickly.In addition, it is important to have a bed in a clean, that is, permanently remove the weeds, which can take from a significant portion of the seedling moisture and nutrients.

Once the plants are comfortable on the bed and touched in growth, watering produce 2-3 times a week.Every other week, it is combined with dressings with special complex fertilizers for tomatoes or infusion of herbs and manure (fermented infusions should be well!).After each watering is recommended to gently loosen the soil around the bushes to the air to the roots.

What still needs tomato Boney-MM?Cultivation of this class, as discussed above, does not require summer resident actions such as formation of a plant.This means that you do not have to remove the hive stepchildren or tie to a support.Trunks Tomatoes in this class is capable of holding a large amount of fruit poured.Nevertheless, at the time of ripening it is recommended to cover the bed of a thick layer of mulch.Firstly, it will not have to worry that the bed dries.Secondly, even descend to the level of the soil stems with fruits are clean, and they do not hit the mold.

is also necessary to remove the leaves, lower fruit growing hands.This allows nutrients to be distributed more efficiently.For the normal process of photosynthesis is enough upper leaves on the plant.Lower also may attract too many nutrients that are required at the time of the fruits of growth.

Pests and diseases of tomato

Boney-MM (see above description of the variety) hardly affected diseases typical of the species.This is due to the fact that the terms of its active growth and fruiting do not coincide with the terms of the flight of insects and the appearance of such a dangerous disease for tomatoes, as late blight.

The only thing that may be faced gardeners in growing this variety - it slugs, wireworms and mole cricket, which can damage the roots of plants, and poured the fruit.To prevent yield loss, it is important to the proper soil cultivation and use other methods of pest control.

Pros varieties

What are the characteristics of tomato varieties Boney-MM can be attributed to its undisputed advantages?Firstly, it is a short time between the planting of seedlings and plants on the full return of the crop.Feedback from growers, gathering fruit in this class lasts no more than two weeks.This saves time, which often have to spend on the care of the bushes between the two waves of fruiting.This factor can be used to improve the performance of each square meter suburban area.After harvesting and removal of plants in the beds can be freed sow green cultures, radishes and more.In addition, the indisputable advantage is the low grades to demanding plant nutrients and weather conditions even in cold and wet summer tomato yield Boney-MM higher than average.

Disadvantages grade

Despite the large number of advantages, consumers in their review point to the shortcomings of some tomato varieties Boney-MM.Among them are small, compared to the tall and indeterminate varieties, the yield of tomatoes per square meter.Nevertheless, this fact is not important, because from one bush can collect up to 2 kg of high-grade fruit.

What you should pay attention when growing

consider several aspects that may affect the growth and development of culture, and hence the number of fetuses.The first thing to consider when planting it - is the arrangement of the plants in the garden.Because the bushes are small and not much branched, they require little space for proper growth.Ideally, the distance between plants in the row must be at least 30 cm and between rows - 50 cm. The average number of shrubs per square meter must not exceed 9. In such a scheme of planting tomatoes will be provided with a normal amount of water and food.Furthermore, the flow of air between them will take place freely, which positively affect opylyaemost and as a result, productivity.

When planting tomato Boney-MM nonseedlings way (in late April - early May), is required to build on the beds Film shelter in a tunnel.After appearing on the plants of two true leaves, you can leave the shelter only during the high probability of frost.

At the beginning of the growth of the fruit can be a little okuchit bush tomatoes to the lower part of the stem formed more roots.To speed up the ripening of some gardeners use this technique, as the splitting of the stem.It consists in the fact that the lower part of the trunk of a tomato incision along the incision and inserted a smooth wooden stick or other object that does not allow the stem to grow together.This technique reduces the time ripening for a few days.

use tomatoes Boney-MM in cooking

How to use and what is the taste of the tomato Boney-MM?Reviews of consumers say that the taste of the fruit and density allow to carry this sort of the universal (although seed producer considers it to salad varieties).From the ripe fruit can be prepared salads, a variety of bars and canned pickles.Also because they do an excellent tomato juice and a variety of sauces.Tomatoes can be used for filling soups and other hot dishes and pizza.