The elegant interior with their own hands: the designer himself

live in a beautiful and comfortable home dreaming everything, just the concept of the beauty of the people are different, and that someone seems wonderful and original solutions designer, another person will cause only bewilderment.If design projects do not awaken in you ecstatic emotions, it is possible to create an interior with their own hands and get exactly the environment that meets your inner aspirations.

There are only two prerequisites, which are actually able to influence the development of the project.It is the availability of money and lack of money.If you have to limit yourself to the budget, taking into account this limitation, and it is necessary to pick up all the ingredients of your future decor.However, the financial aspect does not affect the starting stage of development, because first you create an interior with their own hands in the form of a sketch on paper.This can be a drawing or a diagram with explanations.Not everyone has the talent of the artist, the main thing is that you

clearly imagine the result.If it is possible to create a computer model of the future of interior, very well - if not, no problem.Creating the interior of the house with his own hands, you put into practice their own desires, but there are hidden pitfalls.

How to deal with fears that the result is not as good as you imagined?And suddenly you will be uncomfortable or inconvenient?To do this, you can arrange a sea trial of the idea.For example, you develop an environment almost completely devoid of textiles.Many annoying heavy curtains, folds, covered with ruffles.To test the lack of textiles is not difficult - just remove it, and profit so.If it turns out that the comfort has improved, you are on the right track.You can change the idea and create a new interior with their own hands, and in the style of one that involves a minimum of textiles.If you, on the contrary, an admirer of materials different texture, and all kinds of blankets, capes and pillows are essential components of comfort, it is also easy to simulate, without resorting to radical changes in the house.

You can try lighting effect, a new color scheme.If the trial is successful, it makes sense to implement the changes in life.After creating a sketch you need to paint a work plan that will lead to the desired results.It may be quite decorative changes - sometimes with their hands interior decoration limited only by the rearrangement of furniture, change the curtains, lamps, and instead of glass vases in the room appear conceptual forged figures.If you are a supporter of capital solutions, to start creating a new interior will have to dismantle the old, and then the points, new wallpaper or paint the walls, ceiling, new furniture.Completely renovated the interior with their own hands can cost a pretty penny, but it is cheaper than an invitation to teams of specialists.

After removal of the list of works that will be required to create the interior of your dreams, you can start computing the amount of consumables.This is the original estimates on which you will be guided and during the creation of the interior.To ensure that you stay within the calculated amount, the result of estimates must be multiplied by two: experience shows that when independent calculations usually escape the attention of related trivia, such as carefully calculated amount in the wallpaper, but forget about wallpaper paste.

addition to the above methods, there is a great way to make sure whether it is necessary to rely on their own resources to create the interior.If you get to create a comfortable interior work area, and it is actually useful when undeniable aesthetic merits, it can be taken for the apartment in general.If you experience one corner of the room failed, it would be wiser to invite the designer interior and delegate matters to him.Of course, at the same time to express their wishes.