Interior of a small kitchen in the home

What housewife does not dream about a huge kitchen?To make it a place to turn when cooking, family get together for dinner, and tea to drink with my friends, if a visit to glance.

Modern architects have heard these suggestions.We must pay tribute, today's kitchens are often the size even more, rather than residential.But many of our fellow citizens are still forced to live in "Khrushchev" and "brezhnevki."And there is the kitchen, as you know, just tiny.One is forced to lose heart, when looking at the hole half the size of two.But the designers assure us that this is not a reason for despair.Interior of a small kitchen can also be stylish, beautiful and modern.With proper organization of space will be found a place for everything and everyone.

proprietary design project

Before the repair, it would be good to decide on what exactly you want to see in the end.Interior of a small kitchen can be resolved in a variety of styles, but the most common options - a high-tech, classical and country.However,

you can choose any other.Special restrictions here.Is that a pompous renaissance in interior design small kitchen does not fit because too bulky.

It is not necessary to make out a room for cooking food in the same vein as the whole apartment.However, it is desirable that the strong differences between them were not, or your home in front of the guests will look like a "hodgepodge".

So, proceed to the creation of the project design.Arm yourself with a tape measure, a piece of paper, a pencil and a ruler.The first thing you will want to measure the perimeter of the room, the distance between the corners and the window frame, the width of the window sill.Since the interior of the small kitchen is subject to, first of all, aims to save space, you will have to use every centimeter.

As a rule, rarely starts redesign from scratch.Surely, in the house there are already things that I want to (or need to) save.For example, household appliances: refrigerator, microwave, stove and so on.Their location does not hurt to identify in advance.Typically, the most cumbersome thing in the house - refrigerator.Most owners of small "Khrushchev" for him to look for a place outside of the kitchen area.Due to this a decent released a "piece" of the space.

move from place to place a gas stove, you are unlikely someone will allow.You can change the position of the shell, but it is too troublesome.Therefore, their presence in a particular place to take for granted, in the design of the space is repelled by it.For example, place a cutting table to determine the most convenient between the sink and stove, or in close proximity to the first.

The interior small kitchen in "Khrushchev" standard furniture is quite difficult to write, so it is best to make cabinets and shelves to order.With this approach, you have the option to install additional storage space at its discretion.

Note also compact, transforming furniture: folding chairs, folding table tops, retractable bollards on wheels.

Do not forget about the so-called "dead zones".This space in the corners of the room, between the window and the wall, under a window sill.The spacious rooms use their special does not make sense, but the interior is a small kitchen requires innovative solutions.

dimensions of the room dictate its own conditions, you have to take them into account, whether you like it or not.For example, equipping a small kitchen, it is better to give up the furniture with sharp corners and prefer a smooth, streamlined forms.

If the room can not be increased in width, should try to "push the boundaries" of space, rushing up.Mezzanine and even open shelves can be placed under the ceiling.Of course, the store there things that you use every day, it is hardly convenient.But they are empty, most likely, will not.

And the last advice.Design for a small kitchen should be as concise, however, this does not mean that you need to choose the boring and practical things.Revive the interior allow bright colors.Remember that many of shades and textures can visually simulate the space, creating the illusion of spaciousness.