Internal planning of cottages tiles - Mosaic

Finishing cottage tiles have long earned widespread and high positions in the ranking of the demand on the market today.Use it mainly in the bathroom, the kitchen and the hallway for walls and floors.Decorative tile allows you not only to create a lasting and beautiful cover, but also to produce a masterpiece.Decorated with stucco or drawings plitochki, when properly used, allow to show imagination in decorating the kitchen and bathroom.

Later came such variants tiles that are going on the similarity of children Puzzles in a single picture.Demand for such "kits" began to grow, enabling developers to introduce a fundamentally new material, which is currently used for facades, as well as for interior works - mosaic.Interior decoration mosaic cottages - something special, unique and unrepeatable, which has much in common with manual work and creativity.

Mosaic is a little similarity plitochek made of ceramics, glass, natural and artificial stone.There are a variety of collections for the interior de

coration of houses - simulate splashing water, marble, emerald and even pearls.Truly breathtaking mosaic, assembled in a picture depicting people, animals, landscapes and still lifes.

But not necessarily to hire a wizard that will collect this masterpiece of a set plitochek!Most manufacturers world-famous mosaic mosaic release, pasted on the grid.Therefore, finishing in the spirit of the Renaissance stained glass became readily available to consumers.

and mosaics and tiles are strong, durable materials that do not lose their original appearance during operation.In addition, they are absolutely not afraid of humidity and direct exposure to water.Like many modern materials for interior design houses, tiles and mosaics are hygienic and do not emit harmful substances.

However, if the tile is used virtually everywhere, the mosaic is available only to those who live in prosperity, the rest is still only admire.In recent years there has been a significant increase in demand for interior decoration cottage tiles, due to simplification of work and cost reduction.

tile and mosaic - bright and innovative solutions for the interior of any type and style.